Letting Go Through Connection

When frustration, exhaustion, despair, anger, confusion were running high in my life I used to turn inward, shut down and keep all my challenges to myself. I’d rarely share my feelings with anyone.

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Woman with red hair sitting next to a windo, looking anxious.

Feeling More Anxious Lately?

There is so much upheaval going on in the world. So much is taking place, that seemingly has boiled up out of nowhere. There are so many potential concerns making the headlines. Then there are other concerns that never make the headlines but are
banging loudly from other sources in life.

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Limiting Belief #1: “I’m Not Good Enough”

The number one common limitation shared by the participants is “I am not good enough”. How can it be that this limitation is held by people of nations all around the world? This single belief is powerful enough to keep you small, in your place, and prevent you from taking risks your entire life!

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Going Inward for Personal Growth

As Summer comes to a close and the sunshine shortens, evenings come sooner and night time lasts longer. We take our bodies inside to shelter and warm ourselves with blankets, beverages and foods that nurture our souls. We can also find the Fall a perfect time to go inside ourselves and examine our thoughts. It’s a great time to process the activities and events of the summer and bring resolution about anything that was upsetting.

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What Does it Mean to Belong?

What does it mean to belong? We all want to belong, but to whom or what? When I was a child, and a young teen I desperately wanted to belong, but had no idea how to get that to happen. in grade school I had been considered a weirdo. I didn’t fit in. I was a loner and didn’t fit in. I was comfortable speaking to adults and conversing with them. I had no idea how to be a kid like the other children.

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Where Your Thoughts Lead You

Thoughts determine our choices and our actions. Ultimately, our thoughts determine whether we will live or die. So, we can understand that being able to manage our mind and the thoughts it generates is a really big deal! But, how do we do that?

The first step is to identify what you want in life. We can set ourselves in motion only after we have decided on what we want. Sometimes making a little decision is a big decision, simply because it starts the movement forward. There is a saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Actually, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the thought to take the journey.

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Resolving Anger with PSYCH-K®

Are you dealing with unresolved anger in your life? PSYCH-K® can help you move from unresolved, deep-seated anger to being at peace. Sounds too good to be true? I help people achieve peaceful outcomes all the time. Peace is our natural state of being. Let’s take a look at anger, why it happens, what we tend to do with it and how we can resolve it.

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Resolved Anxiety with PSYCH-K®

Anxiety is rampant in the lives of people across the world. If you ask others why they feel anxious responses of “I don’t know, I just am” may be heard. Generalized anxiety is experienced when someone feels anxious but cannot put a finger on what is causing it. Thus, they don’t know how to resolve the anxiousness. If you know what is making you feel anxious action can be taken to resolve that cause. What can we do when we experience generalized anxiety?

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Achieve Greater Internal Peace with PSYCH-K®

If you are seeking greater internal peace PSYCH-K® can take you there! Peace is one of the most sought-after states of being. It can seem illusive, distant, and unachievable as though one can never attain it. Does it sound crazy to think that it is within you right now? It is already yours and you cannot be separated from it. However, peace is often covered up by all the noise of life’s pressures demanding your attention. Can you imagine how differently you would be if you were making your decisions from a state of peace instead of from a state of high internal pressure?

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How Does PSYCH-K® Help Us Achieve a Healthier Body

How does PSYCH-K help us achieve a healthier body? The first thing I recommend is to read or listen on audio book to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s, The Biology of Belief. He explains in great detail about the connection between our beliefs and our human biology. Simply stated, unresolved traumatizing experiences, negative thoughts, and damaging beliefs, are active in our subconscious mind, causing the body to experience stress and diminishing health. The mind triggers stress hormones to be released in the body. The long-term effect of the continuous flow of these “stress” hormones causes our immune system to break down, resulting in all varying of dis-ease processes.

Health is a NATURAL state of being! We are born with an incredible immune system designed to keep us healthy and well for a lifetime! We are designed to handle short term stressors. After the stressful situation passes, the body’s chemical environment is supposed to return to a normal, non-stressed state of being. However, if the stressor is not brought to proper resolve the body will continue to pump stress hormones which lead to dis-ease states.

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International Journal of Management and Business Abstract

This is the full version article written jointly be Jeffrey Fannin, PhD and Rob Williams, MA. regarding 125 subjects and their brain states utilizing PSYCH-K Balance processes. A condensed version of this full version article was originally published in the peer reviewed publication NeuroConnections Fall 2011. Both articles are available on this website.

For further research about Brain Mapping and Brain Tuning please contact Dr. Jeffrey Fannin at the Center For Cognitive Enhancement, 7121 W. Bell Road, Suite 260, Glendale, AZ 85308 or call at 602-548-9092. Email:, website is of contact Karen McKy, Brain Mapping Core Consultant to schedule your Brain Mapping session at 719-648-3070 cell or email at

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No More Fear of Traumas

No More Fear of Traumas!  by: Karen McKy, MHt At a PSYCH-K Basic workshop in December, 2010 an adult student attended with her mother. These

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Everything Is Good

What if Everything is “GOOD”? I have been so blessed to introduce people to PSYCH-K. Through this modality I have come to know a connection

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