Limiting Belief #1: “I’m Not Good Enough”

I’m not good enough!  What?


In every class I’ve taught in the past 14 years, the number one common limitation shared by the participants is “I am not good enough”. How can it be that this limitation is held by people of nations all around the world? This single belief is powerful enough to keep you small, in your place, and prevent you from taking risks your entire life!

The good news is that you can change your subconsciously held limitation into a new empowering belief that works FOR you, rather than keeping the limitation that continually works against you. Your new subconscious belief might be, “I am ABSOLUTELY good enough!” or perhaps, “I am capable, powerful and good enough in every moment of my life.”

Regardless of what new powerful statement you choose to counter the old limitation, you will certainly benefit greatly. Break the chains of limitation that hold you captive. Change your subconscious mind with PSYCH-K and!

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