Meet Karen McKy

International Certified PSYCH-K Instructor | Professional PSYCH-K Health and Well-being Facilitator
Brainmapping Core Consultant | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Karen McKy

International Certified PSYCH-K Instructor, Professional PSYCH-K®, Health and Wellness Facilitator, Brainmapping Core Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Karen studied Basic PSYCH-K® with the Originator, Rob Williams and Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. in July 2009. She immediately immersed herself in every PSYCH-K® class offered taking the Professionals Course, Advanced, The Divine Integration Retreat, Health & Well-being Program and the Instructor Training. Karen is an International Certified PSYCH-K Instructor and also enjoys assisting clients during private sessions as a Professional Facilitator of PSYCH-K®. She opened Subconscious Change LLC in Denver/Aurora, Colorado to help promote and share the teaching of this marvelous form of self empowerment.

Karen appreciates the fascinating and intriguing processes PSYCH-K® offers her clients for achieving rapid change within the subconscious mind. Clients discover their own personal power and achieve their personal and professional goals with efficiency and speed while enjoying their \”change\” experience. She is quick to note, \”The power is not in the processes, but within the people themselves. It’s my job to help them awaken that power within and learn how to access it and use it for their highest purpose!\”

In September 2015 Karen was appointed to assist the PSYCH-K® instructor community in the capacity as certifying agent for the PSYCH-K® Pro Workshop. This position entails teaching and certifying other instructors how to teach the Pro Workshop materials to their students. The Pro Workshop materials are undergoing a significant change. The materials will be re-released in 2017 with an entirely new focus to include entrepreneurship, marketing and specialized processes specifically for becoming a Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Prior to PSYCH-K® Karen assisted clients using clinical hypnotherapy She quickly became a master in the areas of hypnotic regression work including, Past Life, Life Between Lives, Spiritual Contracts, Spiritual Connection and Integration and Spirit Releasement. She also assisted people with a wide variety of concerns from fears and phobias, childbirth, relationship concerns, grief/loss, pain and weight management, addictions, depression, divorce, abuse and life enhancement and business coaching. Now she helps others address all these areas quickly and easily with PSYCH-K®.

Having lost both parents to cancer and experiencing personal cancer scares herself with her own health, Karen values the opportunity to be of service to those dealing with the numerous challenges health diagnoses can bring. Whether a client is dealing with the overwhelming fears associated with a particular medical diagnosis, acceptance of a diagnosis, gaining the most from integrative healing modalities or is nearing the end of life and desires help in transitioning, Karen brings beneficial assistance. She has worked with oncology patients at a major hospital in Colorado helping clients adjust to changes in their bodies, their families and the challenges of healing.

Karen has a diverse business background with over 40 years in both the corporate and entrepreneur arenas. She uses her business knowledge to assist clients and students in developing and growing their own businesses. She is a former member of the International Hypnotherapy Federation, the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists, and has taught PSYCH-K®, marketing, and spirit releasement classes at the Denver School of Hypnotherapy in Aurora, CO.


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