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Welcome to Subconscious Change LLC.

Since its birth in January 2010 it has been Karen McKy’s desire to share the PSYCH-K® processes with as many people around the world as possible.

As with any company, Subconscious Change LLC has grown and changed over time. We are now sharing our 4th website design. We hope you like it!

The design and focus of SC has gone from providing only PSYCH-K® Workshops in the first 5 years to now supporting students who own and manage Private PSYCH-K® Facilitation businesses. SC offers private coaching to professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators so they can provide the best services possible. We hope you will take a few minutes to check out the Private Sessions Tab and take a look at these amazing people who are sharing PSYCH-K® around the world.

We are preparing to assist people with great need who have no way of paying for PSYCH-K® services or PSYCH-K® workshops. If you know of groups of people who are ready to take on their life, make big personal changes so they can make big changes in their world we would like to know about them. Give Karen a call and let her know about people who desire help. We’ll be happy to visit with you. Soon our non-profit company will be ready to help people who are determined to change their lives, but need a hand up, not a hand out.

Meet Karen McKy

Karen McKy

International Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor, Professional PSYCH-K®, Health and Wellness Facilitator, Brainmapping Core Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist


Karen studied Basic PSYCH-K® with the Originator, Rob Williams and Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. in July 2009. She immediately immersed herself in every PSYCH-K® class offered taking the Professionals Course, Advanced, The Divine Integration Retreat and the Instructor Training with Executive Director of PSYCH-K® International, Larry Valmore. Karen is a Certified Professional PSYCH-K® Instructor and also enjoys assisting clients during private sessions as a Facilitator of PSYCH-K®.

Karen appreciates the fascinating and intriguing processes PSYCH-K® offers her clients for achieving rapid change within the subconscious mind. Clients discover their own personal power and achieve their personal and professional goals with efficiency and speed while enjoying their “change” experience. She is quick to note, “The power is not in the processes, but within the people themselves. It’s my job to help them awaken that power within and learn how to access it and use it for their highest purpose!”

Karen is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of Awakening Knowledge and Subconscious Change in Denver, Colorado. She quickly became a master in the areas of hypnotic regression work including, Past Life, Life Between Lives, Spiritual Contracts, Spiritual Connection and Integration and Spirit Releasement. She also assists people with a wide variety of concerns from fears and phobias, childbirth, relationship concerns, grief/loss, pain and weight management, addictions, depression, divorce, abuse and life enhancement and business coaching.

Having lost both parents to cancer and having personally had cancer scares herself, Karen values the opportunity to be of service to those dealing with the numerous challenges of this difficult diagnosis. Whether a client is dealing with the overwhelming fears associated with cancer, acceptance of the diagnosis, gaining the most from offered healing modalities or is nearing the end of life and desires help in transitioning, Karen brings beneficial relief. She has worked with oncology patients at a major hospital in Colorado helping them adjust to changes in their bodies, their families and the challenges of healing.

Karen has a diverse business background with over 30 years in both the corporate and entrepreneur arenas. She uses her business knowledge to assist clients and students in developing and growing their own businesses. She is a member of the International Hypnotherapy Federation and the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists and teaches PSYCH-K, marketing, and spirit releasement classes at the Denver School of Hypnotherapy in Aurora, CO.


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