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Pneumonia Fast Recovery

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that when my brother was admitted to hospital yesterday with pneumonia. The Doctor told him to expect to be there for one week minimum. When I left him yesterday at 5 pm he was on oxygen & intravenous and extremely uncomfortable. We did surrogation PSYCH-K via Bryan with my brother around 8 pm last evening and balanced approximately 5 different statements out of Louise Hay’s book “Heal thy Body”. When I went to visit tonight, he had been taken off oxygen and intravenous around noon – less than 24 hours. Doctor indicated he could be discharged but they want to keep him in hospital over the weekend as a precautionary measure and will discharge him on Monday morning. His colour was good and his spirits were good as well. Yeah….. The Doctor states he found the right ‘antibiotic’ hence the quick recovery. Hmmmmm I think differently…………. Way to go PSYCH-K………….. JH, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Corn Again!

Four weeks ago my husband asked for me to make him some corn for dinner. No big deal most would say. Yet for me, the moment I touched the freezer door handle was the moment my life would change forever.

As I reached in the freezer to grab the bag of frozen corn my past flashed before me. I was 6 years old again, feeling very sad, sitting at my grandmother’s table in Wichita, Kansas for what, in my 6 year old mind, might be the last time ever.

I was moving from Kansas to Colorado. I was leaving my very best friend in the whole world, my beloved grandmother. Would I ever see her again? How long would it be before I could be with her again? I would be moving 500 miles away. I might as well be moving ½ way around the world. It was a gut wrenching, horrible feeling. In fact, it was the most upsetting time in my young life.

My lovely grandmother had made my favorite food for our going away party; Jolly Green Giant Niblet corn with butter sauce in a boilable nylon bag. How cool was that? Yet, it was to be the last time I could eat my favorite food because it was too expensive and my mother would never buy it.

We moved to Colorado and I could no longer eat corn of any kind. Every time I ate it I had horrible gut wrenching pain and had to get to a bathroom quickly. Even at 6, I realized it was the corn. Nobody else made the connection. But I sure did.

Fast forward to my age of 30 and I am diagnosed with an allergy to corn. No kidding! I already knew that. I had abstained from eating corn for 24 years. Now I would abstain from eating it for the rest of my life.

Fast forward another 19 years and PSYCH-K enters my life. After a year of wonderful changes through working with various PSYCH-K process I still had not tackled this most vexing of foods, until I touched the bag of frozen corn in the freezer 4 weeks ago. I thought to myself, I wonder if my corn allergy is tied to this traumatic moment when I was 6 years old? I dumped the bag of corn in the pan and set it to cook on the stove. Then I went to work doing a PSYCH-K Balance. Sure enough, that event had caused the subconscious connection of corn with gut wrenching pain!

I had a gut wrenching experience every time I ate corn as a child through my entire adult life. I had a gut wrenching experience while eating corn during that traumatic departure. The subconscious mind is the master of association and corn had been associated with the gut wrenching trauma of moving to Colorado.

After doing a PSYCH-K Balance I confidently told my husband I would eat corn that night and have no problems. It was a joyous moment and boy it tasted really wonderful! I had not only one serving, but went back for a large 2nd helping of the golden stuff. NO REACTION! No histamine reaction, no sniffles, no stuffy nose, no gut wrenching trip to the bathroom! I slept comfortably the entire night and had no cramps or discomfort of any kind. After 43 years of avoiding corn one simple PSYCH-K Balance changed everything. SIMPLY AMAZING!

So, when people ask me about allergies I now confidently say, let’s explore that a bit. Most allergies are tied to a person, event or situation that formed a challenging or negative association to a food, environmental element or animal. When we tap into the subconscious mind we are able to make dynamic changes very quickly.

It’s been 4 weeks since my return to eating corn. I’ve had corn on the cob, loose corn niblets, and pop corn now numerous times and still no reaction. So, I sing praises to PSYCH-K for being able to enjoy eating corn again!

Hot Flashes Under Control!

by Karen McKy

In September I had the pleasure of working with a woman in Colorado Springs, CO who had been referred to me by her oncologist. She had been placed on an estrogen blocker therapy, which caused her to have frequent, drenching, hot flashes.

We discussed what her goals were. She decided if she could just turn down the heat she would be happy. She described she was experiencing 2 different kinds of hot flashes. Each were as hot as the other at about a level 8 out of 10. One was like the heat from an “Oven Door”. The other was a “Sneak Up” hot flash. Each presented in a different way, felt like a different type of heat, and either one could leave her dripping with sweat. She was especially irritated when she would be awakened at night.

We did some investigation and found out the fast “Oven Door” flash was being caused by the Arimedex medication. We discovered that the “Sneak Up” flash was actually her spiritual energy surging. She would experience this heat anytime she was engaging in thougths or activities about the work she felt spiritually called to perform.

We discussed what a comfortable level would be for her and she decided a “Level 4” would be warm enough to know it was happening, (which was important for her to know) but dry, and comfortable enough to handle.

Next we did the PSYCH-K “VAK to the Future” process which is a clarification tool for the subconscious mind. Once the information was discussed and worked through she was ready to engage the cooperation of her subconscious mind through the PSYCH-K Balancing process.

I’m happy to report this lovely lady was amazed, but relieved to feel so much better in just an hour! She has been able to sleep at night and go about her days without the stifiling rushes of overpowering heat. Staying on the desired medication has been made a very do-able thing. She now better understands when she is having a rush of spiritual energy and she can relax and enjoy the support she is receiving from beyond.

No More Fear of Traumas!

by: Karen McKy

At the Denver Basic PSYCH-K workshop in December, 2010 a female adult student attended with her mother. These wonderful women are equine coaches and have had some amazing experiences as well as terrifying challenges occur when these large animals and people interface.

The daughter indicated that due to these clashes, she had developed an almost incapacitating fear whenever a horse or rider, or both were injured. It took everything she had whithin herself to keep from falling apart. She wanted to get through this fear and be able to think on her toes, take appropriate action, and deal with the emergency in a fast and thoughtful manner.

During the second day of class she was ready to tackle this challenge. We checked to make sure we had all green lights to make the shift from paralysis and panic to being calm and in control of the presenting issue.

As she went through the balancing process she transitioned through several emotional moments to emerge on the other side of the Balance with a smile and a genuine sense of calm and peace. She remarked, “I’m OK now.” She knew she could now handle future emergency situations with confidence.

In a lovely Christmas Card she wrote to me, “I wanted to let you know how beneficial PSYCH-K has been for Mom and I since we left Denver. We have muscle tested and Balanced with each other almost everyday. The results have been HUGE! I am much calmer with every experience throughout the day. I feel lighter and guided by a higher power, and I am finally starting to find the love and passion I’ve been waiting to share with the world!”

After writing this bright young woman to ask permission to use her story, she added the following comments. I hope you enjoy them.

“Before/After PSYCH-K: I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that you allowed me the opportunity to do the trauma balance- most of my day, especially before I fell asleep at night, was spent seeing horrible visions/pictures of broken bones/blood/accidents/etc… It was all I could do to stay sane and talk myself out of my next wreck (not real great when you making a living with horses, lol)- lots of Anxiety and Tension.”

“Since that workshop, I have had “0 !” debilitating visions and have become a very productive, somewhat carefree person. I fall right to sleep at night! Yea for me!!! I also feel free, happy, relaxed, guided, optimistic, and grateful. I mention this because prior to PSYCH-K, I had to work hard at feeling those things and now it is almost second nature.”

“The days that I do feel a little off, I sit and ask for guidance about what is bothering me, I usually get an answer within a couple minutes, I write a belief statement and test. If it is weak, I Balance- so easy, but so very effective. To add to my wonderful experience, people and animals respond to me in very interested, friendly, trusting ways where before they seemed tense and reluctant.”

“It is truly my hope that if someone out there reads this and can relate, you go do a PSYCH-K workshop with Karen and Jim. It was absolutely one of the best gifts I could have ever given myself!”

Traumatic situations are amazingly easy to transition with the PSYCH-K processes. Whether it is grief, loss, fear, or a very horrible experience, either in the past or an anticipated event, you will be astounded at how fast, easy, and efficiently you can come to terms with overwhelming memories or experiences.

Neuroscience Reveals the Mind Brain Interface & How It Controls Our Behaviors and Our Lives

by Karen McKy

Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, neuroscientist, met up with PSYCH-K last year. I was present at his first Basic Workshop and had the delight of visiting with him and his wife over dinner. He is an amazing man and has found it possible to validate the changes occuring in the human brain through the use of PSYCH-K Balances with QEEG brain mapping technology.

He was featured today on The Conscious Activist internet program. Jeffrey Fannin’s recording of the interview is available for the next 48 hours. If you want to learn more about brains, he’s the man to educate you. If you want to understand how brains and PSYCH-K interface, he’s the only neuroscientist on the planet right now studying this phenomenon.

Here’s the interview link:

From Doug Parks, Founder of The Conscious Activist, “It is an absolute joy that we get to ride the wave of great Science and Innovation, as the choices for Conscious Evolution come into focus. You will love both the science and application of the breakthroughs taking place in Neuro Science and Brain Training in the labs and clinics of Dr. Jeffery Fannin. Want better performance in your life skills? Are you curious about the sports applications in use today? What about training our Brains to be Conscious Activists? This hour is for you, and someone you know. Please pass this link forward!”

Here is a note from Dr. Jeffrey Fannin which I hope you will find of interest.

“I was curious to understand how the energy of the universe affected our thinking, level of consciousness, and our behavior. My collision with PSYCH-K put me on a course that has not only changed me internally by using it, but is now the compass that will guide my specialty for studying, researching, and teaching for the rest of my days on this planet. The more I discover, the more I am intrigued with understanding how the laws and energy of the universe allow us to discover our own divinity and in turn give us the means to become who we truly desire to be. It is a wonderful thing to discover that I am the creator of my experience and an exasperating process to become who I am meant to be. It is PSYCH-K that gives us the process, and brainmapping that validates what has taken place. We will continue to provide the knowledge and processes to assist you in becoming who you truly are! We will persevere in sharing our discoveries with you as we all take this journey together.”

Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Center for Cognitive Enhancement

To view the paper written by from Jeffrey Fannin, “Neuroscience Reveals the Mind Brain Interface & How It Controls Our Behaviors and Our Lives” please go to the FREE Resources page on this website.

If you desire to have this paper along with Dr. Fannin’s other paper “Value of Brain Training in Sports”, please request your copy in the original pdf version by emailing Karen McKy at Thank You! These papers are currently not listed on Dr. Fannin’s website.


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