PSYCH-K WorkshopsPSYCH-K® Workshops & Programs

Several Psych-K workshops are available through Subconscious Change. All workshops are highly experiential in nature. In all programs students work in pairs (2 students) or triads (3 students) depending on the workshop and process being taught. After a thorough overview, and a teaching demonstration students partner and work each process, then all students come back together for a discussion of the experience. Q & A follows. Sharing of experiences after the practice period is vital to understanding the variable, range and depth of the process. See highlights below.

FREE Introductory Webinars

Learn more about PSYCH-K® by visiting with Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor Karen McKy during FREE Webinars. These online gatherings are usually about an hour long.

You are welcome to ask questions after the webinar. These are interactive and fun opportunities to become more familiar with this wonderful modality.

Each Workshop listed below utilizes different materials and builds upon information taught in the Basic PSYCH-K® Workshop.

Basic PSYCH-K Workshop

The first workshop is the 3 Day Basic class which teaches processes appropriate for the majority of one’s concerns. It offers the student a series of tools which can be used the rest of one’s life. These processes are always the first considered in any belief change session.

Advanced Integration Workshop

This 4 Day workshop teaches multiple processes targeted with specific goals in mind such as creating harmony in relationships, building rapport and being in rapport with others, aligning 13 foundational core beliefs for maximum effectiveness in life, and bonding with our life to release traumas of the past and worries of the future to name a few.

This workshop offers profound and rapid beneficial change. Comments from students rate this workshop as one of the most amazing life experiences they have ever participated in.

Master Facilitation Workshop (MFW)

This 3 Day course is recommended for ANYONE who wants to help themselves facilitate PSYCH-K masterfully. Knowing how to help ourselves and others when challenges arise is vitally important. What is at the cause of the manifestation of difficult challenge?

The workshop material covers how to work with dis-ease states, stressful situations and traumatizing situations (either past, present or in the future, i.e. job reviews, dental work, etc.) by gaining the lessons, messages and understandings each situation presents us. Often times after we receive the message the “messenger” may go away.

Online discussion after the workshop will cover some information about building a PSYCH-K business. Topics discussed are based on the questions asked by the workshop participants and may include business basics and more details about running sessions from the moment the client’s first call comes in to saying goodbye after the client session. The prerequisite for the MFW is the Basic Workshop. While the Advanced is not required it is HIGHLY SUGGESTED.