PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Workshops

Take Your PSYCH-K® to a Mastery Level

*The PSYCH-K® Basic workshop is a prerequisite for this workshop. 
**Advanced PSYCH-K® is highly recommended prior to attending the MFW, but not a prerequisite

Build Upon Your Basic Skills

(Advanced is NOT required before attending this workshop. However, it is highly recommended as you will gain a great deal more from this class if you have the foundation of the Advanced Workshop.)

Learn 3 Highly Valuable Processes in 4 Powerful Days

In the Master Facilitation Workshop you will learn three highly valuable processes to add to your   suite of Basic Balances. Learn how to receive Messages from Disease, Surrogation and review and personalize Transforming the Perception of a Stressful Situation. 

Power Packed Sessions

Additionally, you will sharpen your skills with three, three-hour sessions playing all roles of Facilitator, Partner and Observer. All three seats are learning roles. You will experience how to improve on your In-Person facilitation by receiving feedback from the Partner and Observer during your session, as well as yourself. We progress next to the Online Facilitation skills. In this setting you will facilitate your partner with the use of Surrogation and Self-Testing. You will explain all the components of what the Partner is to do without the benefit of being “in the same room”. You will still “see” your partner but only what the computer allows you to see. Language and explanations become very important here. For the third triad you will facilitate your Partner through a Phone Session with the use of Surrogation and Self-Testing. This could well be the most challenging session as you can only hear your Partner’s voice. Language now becomes very important so that your Partner is very clear what to do and how to do it.

The Bigger Picture of PSYCH-K®

We begin this class with a bit of review and team building as we do with all PSYCH-K® classes since we will be working with each other, either in pairs or trios, throughout the workshop. We also discuss the very impressive and important difference between a Facilitator and a Practitioner. In PSYCH-K® we are always a Facilitator with our Partner (Client) acknowledging they have all the wisdom within themselves to create the changes they seek. It is our job as a Facilitator to help draw out the knowledge and wisdom they already possess and re-direct it to create a more whole state of being. This is a key operational understanding with PSYCH-K® and it is driven home in a big way during this class. You will receive course materials by email several days before the workshop. Workshop participants are expected to have read the material and bring questions to class about anything unfamiliar or needing explanation.

Dis-ease as the Messenger

“Messages” offers a paradigm shift with regard to how we look at symptoms and dis-ease within the physical system. More and more people are looking for additional support in healing their broken lives, whether it be emotional, mental, spiritual or physical. When we receive the “messages” a particular symptom or dis-ease is offering us we can move immediately into changing our subconscious perceptions and beliefs which have helped create the challenge. When we make these changes often times the nature of the symptom or dis-ease shifts too.

The evolving science of Quantum Energetics is showing us what most of us have known for years. We are energy! Most symptoms or dis-ease are the result of blocked energy. When we get the spirit/mind/body system flowing properly again we can experience a change in our physical expression within life. Dr. Bruce Lipton has been responsible for much new understanding about healing and wellness through his book, “The Biology of Belief”. If you haven’t picked it up and read it, now is a good time to do so.

Again, this is all a very different way of understanding the nature of wellness and wellbeing. We are proposing a very different way of considering our relationship to physical challenges.

Transforming the Perception of Stress

This is the third tool we use to approach greater wellness. There isn’t a person on the planet who hasn’t dealt with some type of traumatic experience. Regardless of whether a trauma is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature a trauma is an impacting event which creates a significant change in our lives. Some of these traumas can be happy events we excitedly embrace such as a wedding or birth of a child. While there is great happiness there is also considerable impact due to the changes these events create. Other traumas are less desirable and can vary from someone yelling at us to the death of a beloved friend or family member. When a trauma occurs, our system may create a block or series of blocks in our energy system. We compartmentalize the traumatic event creating a block to some of our natural resources. When we create more holistic resonance within the spirit/mind/body system the energy associated with the trauma can be transformed and the system can be free to function normally. Most people feel a great deal of relief and a renewed sense of energy after completing the Transforming the Perception of Stress.

What to Expect

See our FAQs and learn more about what to expect before you attend a Master Facilitation workshop!


All Master Workshops are from 8:45 AM – 6:00 PM, (All 4 Days)

New Student Tuition Rate:
$1700.00 USD Per Student (+4% admin fee if paying by Credit Card)

Returning Students: 
Use code MASTERREFRESH at checkout for 50% off the tuition rate

Important Notes: If you choose to pay the cash rate (Personal checks, Cashier’s checks or Money Orders may be mailed to Subconscious Change LLC, 19909 E 61st Drive, Aurora, CO 80019 to avoid paying credit card admin fees. Payment by check must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the first day of the event.) Tuition does not include food or accommodation.

Unless otherwise stated, workshops take place at Karen’s home in Aurora, CO. See below for lodging and transportation options.

FLIGHTS: Please plan your arrival the afternoon the day before the workshop begins. Late arrivals on the day of class are problematic for everyone. Please extend everyone (including yourself) the courtesy of arriving the day before, as bad weather and flight delays can not be predicted. Departure is best planned for Sunday night after 8pm or Monday morning following the workshop.

LODGING: Onsite lodging is available for a reasonable daily rate. Enjoy your mini-retreat stay in 1 of 4 themed bedrooms in Karen’s home. Rooms are double occupancy with twin beds. Bathrooms are shared. Onsite stays provide wonderful community building experiences with other workshop participants. Former participants have loved the rich, meaningful and diverse conversations that take place after the day’s program is over.

MEALS: 3 mostly organic meals are provided each day. Fun teamwork meal preparation provides for additional collaboration and connection. Everyone is asked to help with preparation, cooking or clean-up.

OUTDOOR AREAS: Our lovely backyard setting provides fresh air and sunshine while relaxing during breaks. It’s also an enjoyable area for practice sessions. Many attendees enjoy walks within the quiet neighborhood and nearby park.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is available by rental car or Uber/Lyft from the Denver International Airport (DIA) only 9 miles away.

LODGING RESERVATIONS: Contact Karen in writing at to reserve your lodging.

OTHER OPTIONS: Local hotels are also available within a 7-10 minute drive to the workshop venue. For a list of nearby hotels do an online search using the terms “Hotels 80249.”

Contact Karen at to reserve your lodging and transportation at her home.

Local hotels are also available within at 7-10 minute drive to the workshop venue. Transportation will require a rental car or Uber/Lyft. For a list of nearby hotels do an online search using the terms “Hotels 80249” and you will find the hotels closest to Karen’s home.

If you have any questions, you can contact Karen McKy at 719-648-3070 or email at


Unless otherwise stated, the workshop will be held at Karen’s residence in Aurora, CO. 

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