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Take a look below to become familiar with the people behind PSYCH-K® who introduced this marvelous set of process to the world, sing it’s praises and continue scientific research about how PSYCH-K® does what it does for the human system.

Rob Williams

Meet Rob Williams

Rob is a humble man and if he had his way he would have no title at all in regards to PSYCH-K®. However, he is the person who received the spiritual insights known as PSYCH-K® and is known by the title of Originator.

From the moment of awareness about these processes in December 1988 to current day Rob has nurtured and guided the continuing evolution of this work. With the love, devotion and concern of a father he manages and oversees the growth of PSYCH-K®. His unceasing expectation of integrity and excellence within the PSYCH-K® Instructor community and the materials used to teach the processes are responsible for the successful continuity of the program.

Check out more information about this wonderful man and be touched by his humor, his love and devotion.

Meet Dr. Bruce Lipton

Over 20 years ago Bruce and Rob met at a conference. Both had been invited to speak about their work. Bruce was on stage before Rob. As a cellular biologist who discovered that cells are not being affected by DNA turning on or off and attacking the cell structure.

Bruce was onstage prior to Rob, delivering the good news that we are NOT victims of our DNA as had been touted by the genetic proponents of the day. Instead his message was clear and simple. Our cells are affected by the environment. This environment becomes toxic by how we perceive our place in the world. It is our perception, which then turns into beliefs, that govern our health and well being or lack of it.

As always someone in the audience would ask the question, “Great, then how do we change our beliefs?” At that time as with all times prior to that speech, Bruce had to tell the audience, “I don’t know how.” He walked off the stage and was met by Rob Williams in the wings who gave Bruce the good news. Rob shared with Bruce he knew HOW to help people change their beliefs, but hadn’t the science to back him up, until now. From this meeting they became fast friends and have spent more than 20 years assisting one another in their work.

Bruce is a bubbling fountain of enthusiasm. His infectious personality and elation for science are what drive many people to PSYCH-K® workshops. Bruce shares openly and publicly about the benefits of PSYCH-K® and in the May/June 2012 issue of ODE Magazine recommended PSYCH-K® as his top subconscious change modality.

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Fannin

Dr. Fannin is a neuroscientist who has spent much of his life working to understand how the brain engages changes. He was introduced to PSYCH-K® in January 2010. One of his associates in Nebraska was utilizing PSYCH-K® along with the standard brain neurofeedback training during her sessions with clients. What she found is that PSYCH-K® was helping the clients meet their goals in half the time.

Jeffrey decided he needed to find out what was happening and got involved in studying PSYCH-K®, first as a student so he could replicate the results of his colleague in Nebraska. Sure enough changes came faster and easier for the clients who utilized PSYCH-K®. Jeffrey was then interested to learn what more PSYCH-K® could help people achieve so he and Rob got together and did some old fashioned experimenting.

The results from what they learned using quantitative EEG (Brain Mapping) blew both of their minds. What they were seeing on the various brain maps is that consciousness is in fact a non-local phenomenon. Jeffrey was astounded by this new information and knew that working with Rob was going to be a big part of the rest of his life.

Written Testimonials

Be sure to check out what others have to say about Karen McKy as their Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor. Over the years the accolades remain consistently high. Karen’s amazing dedication to her students is obvious. She always makes sure her students understand the material, know how to use it, and feel a high degree of comfort employing it.

Karen’s dedication to PSYCH-K® is very evident. She often returns to Certification Training to assist new instructors. Her desire to see others succeed is an asset to the organization. Karen believes, \”There is no longer a tolerance for competition within our world. Those days are in the past. What we need to understand is that collaboration is the only thing that will allow our species, and the rest of the planet, to survive. We must move past competitive ideas and embrace and live the idea of collaboration. When we collaborate everyone wins, no one loses anything!”


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