Who Can Use PSYCH-K®?

Change Your Subconscious Beliefs and Change Your Life!

Everyone can benefit from PSYCH-K®

Every person on the planet can easily and efficiently engage PSYCH-K® processes and benefit from the results! Regardless of one’s age, occupation, or special interests every person has beliefs which limit one’s self from maximizing their fullest potential. We can’t escape being programmed, but we can rewrite and master the programs that run our lives.

We are designed to live from a state of personal empowerment. Having our subconscious patterns and programs working for us is quite a different experience than having them work against us. Every person deserves to have their life be wonderful and fulfilling. Anyone who uses PSYCH-K® tools will discover they can activate this birthright.

Who Uses PSYCH-K and Why?

Healing Practitioners

Healing Practitioners are in a tremendous position to assist people with life-enhancing subconscious programming changes. Most people accessing healing practitioners today are looking for complementary or alternative means of dealing with physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

Many people have some disposable income, are well educated, are good researchers on the computer and are willing to push the envelope to get the desired results they want.

Healing practitioners who offer cutting edge modalities and keep themselves abreast of new modalities are respected by these highly educated clients.

The hottest area of healing is the area of the mind and healing through the power of the mind. This includes the power of the subconscious mind, conscious mind, and the Super Conscious Mind (our own connection to the Spiritual realm) and the Law of Attraction.

Energy Medicine and one’s connection to or participation in the “Quantum Energy Field” are hot topics as science continues to expose more and more information about this dynamic area.

Life Coaches

Life Coaches are in a specialized position because the clients seeking their services usually have disposable income, are well educated, are good researchers and are willing to push the envelope to get the desired results they want, but they are not typically dealing with a health crisis.

PSYCH-K® allows the coach to work with the client on self-limiting beliefs before they manifest into health related issues. Most health related issues are caused by important messages we ignore. Ignored messages can become so pressing that they literally manifest as physical symptoms. These may be referred to as “psycho-somatic” illnesses.

Once the life coach helps expose the subconscious programming that limits the client, great changes can be made in short amounts of time so physical symptoms never need surface.

Business Executives

Business executives must maintain the big picture for their company to keep it moving forward. Good business executives realize their company can only be as successful as the leadership guiding the company.

When leadership is clear, powerful, and certain it is effective and the company prospers. However, when leadership is encumbered by petty rivalry, dis-empowered employees with low self esteem, and a general sense of malaise grips the company, then the business is hobbled, weak, and ineffective.

Business executives can bring PSYCH-K® into their corporations to assist the staff in shifting their subconscious programming to become highly actualized and empowered individuals. When self-limiting beliefs are vanquished previously hidden skills, talents and qualities emerge from within the staff and the company prospers from a deeper level.

Business Owners, Managers & Staff

PSYCH-K® benefits businesses in magical ways. Regardless of where PSYCH-K® is introduced within the company structure, there is no doubt companies function better and more efficiently when PSYCH-K® is engaged.

Employees who work with the tools of PSYCH-K® find they are open to greater levels of creativity, are more productive and enjoy their work days and work environment more.

Managers who employ PSYCH-K® discover they engage with their staff in more meaningful and productive ways. Absenteeism and stress levels can easily be reduced.

Owners of companies who engage PSYCH-K® understand their relationship to the world from a different perspective. They are typically more committed to creating a sustainable environment for their employees and affirm and realign their company with the governing principles of nature.

When our business functions at a higher level of excellence, the entire world benefits. Welcome to the evolution of business! It’s no longer business as usual; it’s now business as UN-usual with amazing results. A specific PSYCH-K® program designed for small businesses and corporations is available called PER-K®. (click here to learn more about PER-K®)

Sales People

Sales people take a keen interest in anything that will make them more effective and able to close the sale. When a sales person realizes s/he loses sales because of their own limiting subconscious beliefs which show up as low self worth, procrastination, fear of rejection, etc. s/he becomes interested in removing or altering that which limits them.

PSYCH-K® offers a fast effective means of quickly re-writing the self-limiting beliefs that prevent the sales person from effectively prospecting, following-up, asking for the close, completing and turning in paperwork, etc.

Most subconscious beliefs that limit a sales person come from deep seated conditioning or subconscious programming that occurred during childhood. These old outdated programs are easily and permanently changed with PSYCH-K® processes so the sales person can produce results consistent with their desired goals.


Parents who are looking for ways to assist their children in being better students and ultimately living happier more productive lives as adults will find PSYCH-K® a highly valuable resource. Parents who are looking for ways to help their children better deal with stress will find great benefit with PSYCH-K® as well.

Children of the 2000’s are under immense amounts of stress from many different sources. Parents tend to have less time with their children as both mother and father are working at least one full time career.

There is a general societal pressure placed on parents to push children to get high scores on tests so they are considered successful. Additionally, many children feel pressured to be highly competitive, even combative through martial arts programs, which may not in be their child’s true nature.

Parents also experience societal pressure to place their children in dance, art, drama, music, soccer, football, basketball, and other sports to “keep up with the other kids” so they won’t get left behind.

Since many public schools have eliminated arts and sports programs from the normal school day due to budgetary cuts, parents extend extracurricular programs into the evening hours thus minimizing high quality parent-child interaction time. Quality family time is therefore “sacrificed” for extracurricular activities. A child experiences a loss of their most valuable resource, the parents, and can develop stress reactions as a result of the loss of quality parental interaction.

With all of these added pressures, children aren’t able to be children. Casual play, being creative, daydreaming and exploring their world as children of earlier generations did is no longer the norm. As a result younger and younger children turn to drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, “cutting” and other means of numbing themselves to the pressures they experience in their world which seem too overwhelming to deal with. All too often children lack coping skills for these pressures.

PSYCH-K® offers parents a means of assisting their children with coping tools and re-assessing life from different angles. When parents begin realizing all the pressures they themselves are under as adults, they begin re-evaluating the lifestyle they are creating for their children and new dialogs, understandings, and patterns emerge for a healthier family.

Pressures can be decreased, more quality inter-family dialog and time increase and stress reactions are reduced for everyone in the family.


Students who are lucky enough to have parents or teachers who introduce PSYCH-K® to them can use this sub-conscious change tool to adjust their beliefs in many areas.

By the time children are in Junior High they have already begun to question who they are, why they are alive, why their life is so challenging, why they feel frustration, depression, etc. They want answers and they want a more comfortable life.

Students have also developed self-limiting beliefs by this age which, begin to show up with negative consequences. Poor self esteem, fear of failure, fear of success, test anxiety, being bullied resulting in feelings of powerlessness, shame and guilt, etc. are powerful feelings which become governing aspects within the subconscious mind.

PSYCH-K® can rapidly shift a child’s subconscious programming into life-enhancing states of consciousness wherein they are more self-empowered and effective as individuals and students.

Children as young as seven years of age can effectively utilize the subconscious programming PSYCH-K® offers to enhance and enrich their lives.


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