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"In our closing circle I shared that I was feeling "alive with real magic" and wow that played out in the coolest way! On my drive from Denver to Valley View Hot Springs (about 3 hours), which was exceptionally beautiful in the late day golden autumn light, I saw a MOOSE grazing in a mud bog, a WHITE BUFFALO plus a huge herd of buffalo silhouetted on the horizon! Then my car practically pulled itself over along a gorgeous winding waters valley view and as I rolled my window down, a BALD EAGLE swooped by in perfect view! Next a HUGE RAINBOW amidst an isolated storm and beams of heavenly light from the west, then 2 MORE EAGLES in a spiraling flight, and a HERD OF ANTELOPE, and lastly, upon arrival to the springs, the kind of sunset that made me feel like I was inside of a rose. Oh, and the image on the wall in my cabin room was of a white lined Sphinx moth, which is my current totem guide! I was basically laughing and weeping, feeling the joy of real magic completely overcome my being! I'm giddy just thinking about that day! My husband Conrad is calling it my "September Safari"! "
Beth Searcy
Taos, NM
"The subconscious has been the missing link for my healing. PSYCH-K is absolutely 'right on' to opening those parts of myself that I needed for true healing."
Nanette Whitman, LMT
"I truly enjoyed the Basic Workshop experience! I was able to work through and process major issues in my life. I know that the strength and ability to overcome all things is within me. This has been a transformational experience for me!"
T. Brew M.D.
"I just wanted to thank you again for the class and your teaching. I really am blown away at how effective PSYCH-K is. I balanced yesterday for PSYCH-K being easy and effective for me along with another balance related to my parents. Afterwards my thoughts were, "Of course that's true..... How crazy I ever thought differently!" 🙂 I realized today driving home from work I feel calm excited and hopeful about life. It is truly a huge shift."
K. Phillips
"All I can say is my life has dramatically changed in such great ways. I am doing beyond great. I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know I have been laughing, singing to music in the car lol... and feeling really good. I have purchased a CD for exercise and to dance to and I am loving it. I do not feel that gnawing feeling in my stomach and got a raise at work !! It's just been amazing the small but significant changes I am experiencing. I had to let you know. I have a few friends when I get time off who want to attend your classes with me... I cant believe how permanent these changes feel.. thank you!"
J. Fairfield
"I feel blessed to have had you as a teacher of PSYCH-K. It has dramatically changed my life over the last two years. I am now the Senior Marketing Manager of my company, a step up from Team Leader and a lot more fun. I have fewer blocks, both mental and emotional, and have been happier, calmer and feel less stressed and more fulfilled. I attribute all of that to the work we did together over the three workshops. I feel my connection and understanding of the divine has deepened as well. Every day is humbling and transformative. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for what you have brought into my life."
Kevin Giehl
Milwaukee, WI
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for such a meaningful experience. There are expert instructors who teach materials that reach the goals of the courses and then there are special people. I want to thank you being one of those special people and for your special gifts that allowed me such a positive and welcoming space to connect with some of my latent gifts that I haven't been able to comprehend. I am continuing to now make sense of some past experiences that I didn't have the courage or insight before to understand. It's like something beautiful is unraveling. I was truly born for a purpose."
D. Curtis
"Karen's presentation, knowledge and ability to address questions showed such professionalism that every moment was stimulating and captivating. Her notes on the charts were clear and concise. Her examples used to relate and help us think out our processes were always on track. Karen constantly surprised me me with her abilities to address so many situations that I finally had to compare her to a 'chameleon', as she could adjust and adapt so easily. Her quick humor, positive attitude, and her use of PSYCH-K for her own personal use were excellent examples for the class. It was an honor to have attended the four day Advanced Integration Workshop and I look forward to more classes in the future."
Flora Lemire
Retired, Hanover, Ontario, CA
"Thank you Karen for the balance for my apparent gluten allergy. Ever since I was pregnant with my son, who is now 10, I have had digestive issues. I found that if I avoided gluten my digestive system was much happier so I did that for probably 8 years once I made the connection. A couple times during those 8 years I tried some gluten and it was as if the separation made my reaction 10 times stronger. Once I felt the pain of a piece of pizza for literally months. When I was at the Pro class at your house we balanced for gluten. We found it was actually a reaction to my pregnancy and my feelings around it and blaming God for telling me to have another baby when I was ready to be done, already having had 3 girls. I agreed to Gods request, but in the same way my son agrees to go brush his teeth stomping his feet up the stairs as he goes. After the balance I was scared to eat gluten but with my practice and success with PSYCH-K® I decided to give it a go. Well guess what? I apparently have no reaction to gluten anymore. What?!? Pretty exciting and amazing if I do say so myself!"
Jenny Harkleroad
"A very dedicated teacher. You had answers to all our questions. I feel you were totally with us, for us. Thank you! Very much appreciated."
Hong Lan Tran
Naturopath - Montreal, Quebec, CA
"Fantastic! I can immediately use this modality in my practice as I know it will help others. Their capacity to heal themselves is evident. Karen has an open heart. You can feel her passion for this work."
Claudia Lawrence
Psychotherapist - Boulder, CO
"Karen continually captivated me with a variety of ways of balancing and solving problems. I see many ways of using this material."
Regina Cik
Engineer - Cleveland, OH
"This is a fabulous program with effective tools which have an amazing ability to unlock answers within each one of us! Grateful for the experience with such a loving, supportive group. Karen is very calm and caring - engaged with a sense of even, alert energy. Great environment! Made it feel safe to share and grow. Karen did a trauma demo with me for my fear of injury a broken bones. I now feel a great sense of relief and much gratitude to you Karen - Thank You!!!!!"
Pamila Thiel
Equine Instruction - Powell, NY
"The entire workshop was well explained, defined, and offered in a manner that inspires me to practice and share. Karen offers great descriptions, has a great sense of humor, great energy, a wonderful teacher!!"
Amanda Stuart
Yoga Instructor - Bancroft, Ontario, CA
"I like having the ability to be able to do the work to better myself on my own and have the necessary tools to do so! Wonderful! Very Helpful! I will be definitely be telling people about it!"
Amanda Burkhart
Nanny - Lakewood, CO
"Karen presents the material with exuberance and expertise. She supports the learning of each individual in a caring and supportive way. She is attentive to the consciousness of the group. She is expert at drawing out the limiting beliefs of the students and offering guidance in regards to change."
Sheryl Derderian
Nurse Practitioner - Hatfield, MA
"I was somewhat skeptical. Once I understood that the subconscious mind made the changes I allowed it to happen without my conscious participation. When I experienced the subconscious change the first time it was convincing. Yeah, I liked the course."
Mark Gotobed
Limosine Driver - Centennial, CO
"I felt immediate results from these Balancing procedures"
Doug Lawson
Firefighter - Burlington, Ontario, CA
"Excellent program - enlightening, inspiring and challenging! Thank you!"
Therese Stewart
Nurse - Ithaca, NY
"I appreciated Karen's availability to answer questions and sharing how PSYCH-K has personally affected her life."
Joanne Joseph
Architectural Tech - Toronto, Ontario, CA
"I got amazing value from this workshop! It's just blowing my mind. This is awesome!"
Financial Analyst - Mississauga, Ontario, CA
"I learned new techniques to overcome life obstacles of my own creation. Karen has clear speaking skills and is very personable."
Dr. Howard Libstug
Dentist - King City, Ontario, CA
"I can't thank you enough, Karen, for your patience and ability to help me with an uncomfortable situation."
Julie Innocenzi
LPN, Reflexologist, Energy Practitioner - Northford, CT
"Karen is very passionate about her work, very present. She is generous all across the board."
Germaine Leonard
Sales - Boca Raton, FL
"Karen established rapport with the group right away which facilitated learning and made the matters quite enjoyable. I enjoyed the format and content of the class."
Long Chau Tran
Engineer - Montreal, Quebec, CA
"I enjoyed every moment. I learned a lot about me and has amazing break-throughs!"
Anastacia Brewster
Student - Castle Rock, CO
"Karen took the necessary time to answer all questions, yet she moved the class along. She is energetic and took time with each of us. A great experience. I feel the processes working already."
Pamel Frenette
Marketing - Gunnison, CO
"Great! Can't wait to experience all the changes in my life! Karen always took the time to give me individual attention and helped me work through any issues I was having."
Nutrition Student - Denver, CO
"Karen was an excellent Instructor! It was a pleasure working with her and learning and practicing processes to be a great Facilitator. She has a wonderful way of being so focused. Lots of energy. Karen was awesome. I loved that she knew everyone's names and addressed us by them. I can hardly wait to do the Advanced Integration Workshop!"
Beth Nelson
Customer Service Coordinator - Toronto, Ontario, CA
"I got instantaneous results and hands on experience. Karen has a great ability to communicate. She helped us be at ease and created a non-judgemental environment. Loved It!!"
Nafisha Somani
Debt/Credit Consultant - Vaughan, Ontario, CA
"Karen was very pleasant and made everyone feel relaxed with new information. She spoke on a level \"with\" everyone not over everyone. You could tell she was passionate about PSYCH-K."
Sandra Panechelli
Student - Medway, MA
"Karen's grasp of the material and ability to field questions was most helpful. Her stories and examples combined with demonstration rooted the information more solidly into my experience"
Robin Allen
Holistic Practitioner - Medway, MA
"Karen is very engaging and has a warm and welcoming style. She attended persons on an individual level over the course of the weekend. I "felt" her listening to me when I asked a question. I would definitely attend another workshop with Karen instructing."
Linda Yetman
Nurse - Toronto, Ontario, CA
"Karen has a lot of patience in helping us fully understand the reasoning and processes. This is a great tool to help myself, my family, and friends. Our lives can only be better because of PSYCH-K!"
Maryjane McManus
Administrative Assistant - Acushnet, MA
"A good introduction to PSYCH-K. Left with knowledge as well as lots to work on going forward. I have a good sense of next steps and other opportunities. The content was made clear with the opportunity for Q&A. Karen is energetic, fun and sets a good pace for the class."
Pelly Shafto
Vice President - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Experiential portions of the workshop allowed me to practice and feel the impact of the processes. The information allowed me to open and curious. Enjoyable - eye/mind opening!"
Cecile Lackie
Retailer - Northampton, MA
"Karen's openness, patience, and one on one work was great. Her humor and easy way of being was comfortable. The class was enjoyable. She was very clear, calm, professional in her delivery. I felt her lightness and love through the entire workshop. An excellent Instructor!"
Charlotte Story
Realtor - St. John's, Newfoundland, CA
"Karen has a great ability to present and create clear focus which made it easy to understand the material. I deeply enjoyed the class."
Jupiter Makins
Author - Toronto, Ontario, CA
"What a wonderful opportunity and experience! I found it very valuable to have many partners with whom to work and plenty of time to apply the processes. I feel quite fortunate to have participated and was surprised by how much I learned and enjoyed the group."
Jennifer Stevens
Nutrition Student - Denver, CO
"Karen was very good at addressing problems brought forward from the group. She simplified and explained things very well. It was a very informative and eye opening class. I believe this will help me get to where I want to go in my life."
Mark Kajin
General Contractor - Toronto, Ontario, CA
"Becoming more clear and confident with the process of muscle testing was especially valuable. Working with a variety of people was also very good. Really, I found it all to be very valuable, it was a very pleasant surprise.I enjoyed the one on one connection with each of during practice; giving suggestions and input - helped to clarify what we were doing. I like the way this program is set up."
Kay DuBois
Healing Touch Practitioner - Colorado Springs, CO
"Karen is a fabulous instructor & I felt very comfortable and empowered by her teaching. Excellent!"
Heidi Kramer
Holistic Healer - The Dalles, OR
"An excellent workshop that should benefit every student who uses PSYCH-K processes in ordinary life. I expect to continue to develop new skills. Karen is a wonderfully outgoing, cheerful, and articulate instructor with highly developed skills in muscle testing and other aspects of balancing! I particularly liked her instructions regarding development of powerful belief statements."
Robert Post
Retired Attorney - Denver, CO
"I highly recommend this eye opening workshop!"
Anthony Quintana
Spiritual Medium & Coach - Greenwood Village, CO
"Creating belief statements and locking in new beliefs opens a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities. I am looking forward to what improvements will evolve in my life now after taking PSYCH-K."
Kimberley Walsh
ACN Rep - Toronto, Ontario, CA
"Here’s a quick story of just one of the changes that occurred during HWP. I have always been severely allergic to cats. Being in the same room with them would trigger sneezing, watery eyes and usually ended with a sinus infection. During our time together I did a balance to address this and it was ridiculously simple but oh so effective. The picture below is last Saturday. We had a garage sale and my son’s cat would not leave me alone. For hours she was laying in my lap, pretending she was a parrot and just loving all over me. Prior to Psych-K this was not possible. I would have been miserable. But I’m happy to report that I have had zero symptoms/reactions. No itchy, watery eyes…no sneezing…no sinus infection!"
Shawn Douglass
Reviewing Student Comments
"Taking the Basic PSYCH-K Workshop a second time was very powerful. I have worked on more beliefs in the second class because I received such a powerful result from the first class! I was raring to go and the class was amazing! The Magic Touch Circle was a powerful experience for me. We were just introduced to that in the second class. Karen is a fabulous instructor and an great communicator."
Catherine Maxwell
Sales - Toronto, Ontario, CA
"Reviewing the workshop was awesome as I gained a deeper understanding of the principals taught in the first class. More experience practicing PSYCH-K gave me much more confidence in doing the Balance processes. I was able to get to some core beliefs that were not supportive to my life and change the beliefs so I will live a powerful life."
Beth Nelson
Customer Service Coordinator - Toronto, Ontario, CA
"Fabulous program! I am very excited about the possibilities of this work in my life and the lives of family and friends."
Janet Clark
PSYCH-K® Facilitator - Toronto, Ontario, CA
"Found I responded to the material in a deeper and more meaningful manner the second time through. I was able to sense the information and integrate in a more clear fashion. Karen is authentic and able to connect with the students."
Ian Wilson
General Contractor - Vaughan, Ontario, CA
"This review was valuable in reminding me of small details. I took the class originally in San Francisco in 2006 in a very large group. This smaller venue allowed participants additional personalized practice/review. Karen takes great care in providing a 'safe' environment for people to open up to change, while showing them effective tools on how to make their lives better."
Sondra Shaw
NTP - Boulder, CO
"Benefits of repeating the Basic are: 1. Deeper understanding of the concepts. 2. Keener proficiency of techniques."
Chris Wilson
Investor - King City, Ontario, CA


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