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What are the Results of PSYCH-K®?

Amazingly, PSYCH-K® results are resoundingly wonderful. For the professional working with clients who are truly interested in making changes in their lives the results are nothing short of remarkable. Profound change is typically quite fast. Most clients will experience a noticeable shift in their frame of mind, physical being, emotional state, or some “unexplainable feeling” before departing the first session.

Clients often times describe “not being able to put their finger” on what has changed. They will literally FEEL a difference, but just can’t find words to describe their experience. This unusual feeling is frequently described as a relaxed state of being, a calmness, a heightened state of awareness or an ability to see things differently, even though one is looking at the same circumstances or situations they are very familiar with. This type of experience is not unusual for a participant.

In cases such as migraine headaches, relief can come almost instantaneously or over a considerably short period of time such as a few days. Sometimes, relief doesn’t come as expected. Rather, new perspectives come instead, along with additional insights into the challenging issue.

More work with the participant will often expose additional subconscious change that is beneficial to the subconscious mind. The most important rule of thumb is to remain ALWAYS CURIOUS! By remaining curious about what is going on, we can experience new perspectives which lead us into new understandings of the subconscious mind.

These new understandings often have within them the answers we seek; and the desired subconscious programming needs are revealed. After the subconscious programming changes are made the physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual shifts occur and relief is soon experienced.

PSYCH-K® has been described as a spiritual process with psychological benefits. Simply stated, PSYCH-K® offers a fascinating opportunity to instill permanent subconscious change. Old, ineffective, self-limiting beliefs of the subconscious mind can be shifted in a very simple, yet extremely effective way.

The participant creates new, powerful, Life-Enhancing beliefs for him/her self which are then instilled within the subconscious mind. These new beliefs supersede the old beliefs and remain in place until they are no longer needed or are superseded by newer beliefs.

The Law of Attraction is quite a popular buzz term these days. It isn’t new, but has been made fashionable recently by highly prominent speakers. It describes what scientists have known for years.

We are electromagnetic beings and we either attract or repel that which we hold within our electromagnetic field. The time for heightened awareness has come. We are emerging into a different type of human being with higher states of awareness and a higher functioning conscious and subconscious mind.

With PSYCH-K® we can use our Super Conscious Mind, Conscious Mind and our Subconscious Mind to create and bring into reality that which we want in our lives. We can literally program ourselves to “attract” into our lives that which we desire.

Beliefs create the results we experience in our lives, plain and simple. There is a Bible phrase which states, “It is done unto you as you believe”. Nearly ever major religion has some reference to this same concept. If we don’t like what we are experiencing as our reality…we can change our beliefs and the reality MUST change.

While subconscious change takes place at the subconscious level, changes are rapidly experienced and noticed at the emotional, mental, and physical level as well. With the incredible work and support provided by noted cellular biologist and speaker, Bruce Lipton Ph.D., and author of “The Biology of Belief; Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, and Miracles”, we can quickly understand how the subconscious programming within the subconscious mind influences our physical structure at the cellular level.

Our cells do what they are directed to do by our beliefs. Their behavior is a result of the environment they live within. If we hold a belief of “I am not worthy” or “I want to die”, then this information is communicated to every cell of our body and very destructive patterning begins.

We may make correction for damaging beliefs at any time. Our cells respond to the healthy subconscious change within the revised environment and they shift to accommodate the new subconscious mind beliefs.

Sometimes, we may experience a debilitating physical condition because we have refused to listen to important Super Conscious messages delivered by the subconscious, we may have ignored these messages for many weeks, months, or years. We can travel from specialist to specialist without any resolve.

We can consume all kinds of drugs and experience all kinds of unpleasant side affects which, only mask or cover-up the symptoms.

When we utilize PSYCH-K® processes we can allow the messages of the Super Conscious mind to be shifted within the subconscious mind. When the message is delivered, the messenger (the disease state) often times can go away. The messages can be seemingly small in contrast to the body’s physical challenge. None the less, disease is really a “dis”-ease within the subconscious mind. The physical expression shows up at the physical level. When the “dis”-ease within the person’s subconscious mind is acknowledged and beneficial balance is restored, harmony once again may prevail. “Healing” or the restoration of natural physiological balance is often fast and amazing.

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