Basic PSYCH-K® Workshops

Learn the Basics of PSYCH-K® – in 3 days!
*The PSYCH-K® Basic workshop is a prerequisite for all other programs

Learn how to create mastery of your life with simple, easy to use and easy to learn processes which improve the quality of your life from the inside out. When you utilize your subconscious mind to assist you in creating your dreams life gets so much easier. The spiritually based processes allow you to create a connection through your Highest Knowing so you are guided in making wise changes for your life. Come and learn how to master your subconscious!

Explore the fascinating world and power of your subconscious beliefs at this workshop. Our beliefs actually create our daily lives. They influence how we interact with people and the world at large. Our beliefs are so powerful they influence our health and abilities to create our future. With so much of our life riding on our beliefs, isn’t it important to make sure we are living from healthy beliefs? Of course! How do you change the old beliefs and get healthy beliefs in place? Come to the Basic Workshop and learn how. It’s easier than you think!

The Basic Workshop introduces new concepts and ideas.

One of the most profound ideas is that we ALL have the ability to change the old “programs” in our subconscious mind. Every thought or belief that currently exists in the subconscious mind was added there by ourselves or someone else at some point in our life. The media (T.V., Radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.) contribute to our limiting belief systems too. As well intentioned as these concepts, ideas, or beliefs may have been in the past, we have grown and changed. Many of the old concepts or beliefs are outdated and no longer serve us.

Many Old Ideas Or Subconscious Beliefs No Longer Serve You!

The good news is that you can take action to change them. The changes are fast as well as easy to make. Most people exclaim,”That’s all I have to do?” Once shown how to properly engage the processes you’ll be amazed how simple it is for you to begin redesigning your life from the inside out. It doesn’t have to be difficult! We have become so accustomed to think anything worth having has to be difficult to be of any value. It simply isn’t true. If programming the subconscious mind initially had been difficult, it might never have been programmed at all.

Most of us speak and think in very abstract ways.

The subconscious mind requires very literal language. Once we understand and know how to communicate, the conversation becomes quite easy. All PSYCH-K® Workshops are highly experiential! We have a lot of fun and get a lot accomplished at the same time. We spend a couple hours getting to know one another and sharing foundational information upon which to build the PSYCH-K® structure. This allows for a safe environment for sharing and creating rapport with the other attendees.

You will be partnering with other students in the workshop by mid morning of the first day. We will frequently rotate partners during the three days so you get lots of experience using your new skills. Even people who view themselves as shy or introverted open up to exploring and having fun!

What areas of our life can we use PSYCH-K? In every area!

We are a result of all that we have been, known and experienced. Originator Rob Williams has offered the ‘Eight Categories of Change’ as a means of putting concepts and beliefs into identifiable groups.The 8 Categories of Change are:

What to Expect

One of the first new skills you learn is how to properly facilitate Applied Kinesiology or “Muscle Testing” so you get reliable results every time. We have had our bodies our entire lives. Yet, few of us realize our body sends us communication through signals all day long. We have never learned how to use our amazing body and really listen to what it is telling us. Muscle Testing allows us to understand the changes in the electrical signals being sent through our body. We can create a very simple “language” using Muscle Testing to decode what our electrical energy signals are telling us. Muscle Testing is done by applying a light pressure to the arm. Most people apply way too much pressure upon the arm being used for testing. We use a light touch with a little bit of energy. We are learning to sense subtle energy changes in the electrical signals being sent through the body system from the subconscious, we are never testing the strength of the muscle.

A light pressure is the magical key to doing Muscle Testing well. This is a very important and pivotal understanding. Applied Kinesiology is easy to learn when taught properly. We spend enough time on this subject so everyone in the workshop feels capable of doing it well. The entire structure of our workshops in PSYCH-K rests firmly upon the Applied Kinesiology results.

If you already know Muscle Testing you are likely to pick up on some amazing and key differences which can enhance your use of this valuable skill in other modalities. Many seasoned professionals who use Muscle Testing have been very intrigued with the benefits they gained learning the light touch philosophy. Teaching excellence in Muscle Testing is one of Karen’s greatest skills. She has been using it effectively since 1992.

The first afternoon we will learn two Balances. Balances are processes which allow us to make changes within the subconscious mind. Think of them as new tools in your tool kit. We use a fork and spoon to feed ourselves every day. Think of these two processes as everyday tools we use to feed our subconscious mind! Once you learn how to use these tools a whole new world will open up to you. Your life is about to change for the better!

We will be adding to the tools we learned the first day and personalizing our Goals. The second day is all about making the life changes you want and learning how to put them into language that is powerful and meaningful to you. You will learn how to properly write our own Goal Statements. There are 5 key criteria we need to include in every Goal Statement for it to work well within our subconscious mind.

We will be learning about the Principles of Nature and the value they bring to our lives when we live more harmoniously with them. We will have time to engage these principles during the afternoon as we move fully into practicing everything we learned thus far.

We will also learn how to do “Self Testing”. Sometimes we are alone and still want to experience PSYCH-K Balances. With Self Testing we can help ourselves through changes when we are alone.

Deepen your understanding and gain added proficiency in the third day. You will aquire greater skill and confidence in the application of the processes you learned during your first two days. This day is the “make the difference” day. As of September 2013 Rob Williams agreed PSYCH-K® Participants would benefit by having a 3rd day added to the Basic Workshop.  This 3rd day allows you to enrich your  understanding and increase your ease and comfort using the processes.

Learn how to Transform the Perception of Stressful Situations in a fast, efficient and easy way that allows you (or anyone you help) to leave upsetting and traumatizing events in the dust for good. It doesn’t matter how long ago an event took place. The subconscious thinks it is still going on!! That means we can update it so you can go from a highly stressed or upset state to a peaceful state in only a matter of a few minutes, even if the event or situation took place many years ago. When the Subconscious Mind has a different way of processing the event or situation we can have an entirely different way of perceiving that situation.

We will have a short discussion about Action Steps and how they can assist us with our Goals. Action Steps help the Conscious Mind recognize change is taking place.  Much of our 3rd day is spent practicing the full loop of processes we learned from Days 1 and 2. This gives you the confidence to use the processes when you return home. We will discuss other helpful items such as how to take short, helpful notes and using PSYCH-K in your daily life. Of course you will be very comfortable facilitating the work with others by the time class ends.

After the 3 day PSYCH-K Basic Workshop you will know how to assist yourself and others to effectively make changes within the Subconscious Mind.


All Basic Workshops are from 8:45 AM – 6:00 PM, (All 3 Days)

New Student Tuition Rate:
$1150.00 USD Per Student (+4% admin fee if paying by Credit Card)

Returning Student Tuition Rate:
Use code BASICREFRESH at checkout for 50% off the tuition rate

Important Notes: If you choose to pay the cash rate (Personal checks, Cashier’s checks or Money Orders may be mailed to Subconscious Change LLC, 19909 E 61st Drive, Aurora, CO 80019 to avoid paying credit card admin fees. Payment by check must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the first day of the event.) Tuition does not include food or accommodation.

Workshops take place either at Karen’s home in Aurora, CO or in various other locations. See the location next to each workshop date to verify where that workshop will take place. 

FLIGHTS: Please plan your arrival the afternoon the day before the workshop begins. Late arrivals on the day of class are problematic for everyone. Please extend everyone (including yourself) the courtesy of arriving the day before, as bad weather and flight delays can not be predicted. Departure is best planned for Sunday night after 8pm or Monday morning following the workshop.


LODGING: Onsite lodging is available for a reasonable daily rate. Enjoy your mini-retreat stay in 1 of 4 themed bedrooms in Karen’s home. Rooms are double occupancy with twin beds. Bathrooms are shared. Onsite stays provide wonderful community building experiences with other workshop participants. Former participants have loved the rich, meaningful and diverse conversations that take place after the day’s program is over.

MEALS: 3 mostly organic meals are provided each day. Fun teamwork meal preparation provides for additional collaboration and connection. Everyone is asked to help with preparation, cooking or clean-up.

OUTDOOR AREAS: Our lovely backyard setting provides fresh air and sunshine while relaxing during breaks. It’s also an enjoyable area for practice sessions. Many attendees enjoy walks within the quiet neighborhood and nearby park.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is available by rental car or Uber/Lyft from the Denver International Airport (DIA) only 9 miles away.

LODGING RESERVATIONS: Contact Karen in writing at to reserve your lodging.

OTHER OPTIONS: Local hotels are also available within a 7-10 minute drive to the workshop venue. For a list of nearby hotels do an online search using the terms “Hotels 80249.”

Contact Karen at to reserve your lodging and transportation at her home.

Local hotels are also available within at 7-10 minute drive to the workshop venue. Transportation will require a rental car or Uber/Lyft. For a list of nearby hotels do an online search using the terms “Hotels 80249” and you will find the hotels closest to Karen’s home.



For more information on lodging, meals, and transportation for workshops located anywhere outside of Karen’s home, please contact Karen directly if you’d like recommendations.


For any workshops located elsewhere, please contact Karen directly with any questions.

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