We Live and Die By Our Beliefs

We Live and Die By Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are the primary reason we make any decision or have a reaction to anything in our lives. Our beliefs are so powerful they alone cause us to build or destroy, love or hate, live or die. We absolutely live and die by our beliefs. What we believe about any given situation can send us into a tail spin of depression and self-destruction or can

send us into an upward spiral of self-love and incredible growth.

What will you do if you are given a diagnosis that you have some life threatening disease? Will you choose to do everything within your power to save your life? Or will you take the diagnosis, accept it, and begin preparing your last will and testament?


My mother was diagnosed with a “terminal” cancer, in December 2011. She was told she had 2-4 months to live. Her choice was to accept the news and prepare for her death. She also told me she was “praying for a miracle”. Meaning any healing would have to come from something outside of herself rather than from within herself. She told me,

“The doctors say there is no cure.”

Who says this has to be your reality? There are thousands of people, all over the world, who have cured themselves of so called “fatal” diagnoses all the time.

First of all, how do we know for sure the diagnosis is accurate in the first place? Many times doctors have no real explanation as to what is going on. If you press them they will tell you so. They have to declare a diagnosis to put on the chart so insurance companies will pay their bill. This is the western medicine paradigm and it certainly has its disadvantages.

Even if a diagnosis meets agreed upon standards for a particular symptomology, what about acknowledging that each and every person is bio-chemically, psychologically, sociologically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually unique? These factors alone can account for wide differences in one’s recovery from any given situation.

If you buy into the belief the diagnosis is accurate,

then it is, because you believe it to be true. If you buy into the belief that there is no hope or cure then you’re right. If you buy into the belief that no one can help you, you’re right again. If you believe you have no personal power to affect the outcome then this is true for you also.

If every diagnosis always had the same outcome then everyone would die from the same disease. This doesn’t happen though. If only one person can “cure” him/herself from the dread disease then it MUST be possible for anyone to cure themselves from the same disease process. What makes the difference in surviving or dying? For many people it is their sheer will power and their belief that they can cure their disease.

I offered my mother books and videos of people who had cured their condition. She didn’t want to believe any of the information or treatments would help her, so she didn’t take a single step to help herself. Her diagnosis or “disease” didn’t kill her. Her beliefs did!

When you wonder if beliefs have power or not, remember they do.

They alone cause us to make any given decision or move in any given direction. We live or die based on our beliefs. We all do. The good news is this; because our beliefs are programmed to begin with they can also be changed!

When we are ready, willing and able to be honest about our beliefs we will find the power of the mind can change outcomes in miraculous ways. Put your mind to work for you rather than have it work against you.

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