Better Relationships with PSYCH-K®

One might ask, “How can PSYCH-K® improve my relationships?” Great question. Let’s consider that we are who we are because of the beliefs we have about ourselves and others! PSYCH-K® helps us change self-limiting beliefs we have within our subconscious mind. We typically believe all types of interesting things about relationships and the person we have the relationship with and how we interact others in our relationships.

 Let’s start with ourselves first. If I believe that having a relationship is hard, problematic, confrontational, filled with pain and difficulty that will eventually end in divorce then guess what? I will end up creating all these outcomes in my relationship because of what I believe.

 To have a great relationship I must examine what I believe about having a great relationship. Do I believe that having a quality relationship is hard? If so, why do I believe that to be true? I might say, “My mother always told me relationships are hard and painful, just get used to it.” As children, without anyone telling us anything, we pick up on all kinds of beliefs held within our family, including beliefs about building and maintaining relationships. Sometimes our parents do tell us their beliefs about relationships. Often, we simply perceive what is going on in the family and our subconscious mind soaks up all the family beliefs, spoken or non-spoken. Incredibly, damaging beliefs are typically passed from one generation to the next!

 I can choose and different path and reprogram my subconscious mind with new, life enhancing and sustaining beliefs about relationships.  “Quality relationships are beautiful, easy to build, sustain and bring great happiness into my life and the life of my loved one/spouse/partner, etc.” Whatever I program into my subconscious mind is what I bring about. We have only to look at our current reality to understand what our limiting beliefs are. If we don’t like what we see and experience in our lives then ask, “What beliefs are creating my reality”?

 What about the other person in the relationship? Can we make him/her change because we make changes in our lives? We can’t force anyone to change and become what we want. However, a couple of outcomes frequently happen. One, the other person stops reacting to our “old programs” because we are no longer operating from them. S/He may ask, “What has happened to you? You’re so much easier to get along with!” True, because the partner is no longer in conflict with your old subconscious programs.

 The second outcome is that your partner may not like the new you. Perhaps they take delight in being able to argue, fight and wrestle with you about being in control. You have changed. You may no longer want to engage in these behaviors because you understand how damaging they were to yourself and others. If this is the case, you can choose to revert and become the wrestling partner again or you can maintain the new you! If this choice prevails, it is likely the relationship will end because you no longer agree to participate in damaging beliefs and patterns of behavior.

 In relationships it’s helpful to love ourselves enough to do what is right for our own well-being, no matter the cost. Doing anything less than this will lead to self-betrayal and self-diminishment. We will not be able to be happy or at peace because we are not fully honest with ourselves.

 If a relationship ends then we need to also look at the beliefs we have about divorce, being single again (at any age), starting over, possibly going back to work, etc. What do we think about our body, sexuality, interests, etc? We will come to know ourselves at a much deeper level. We enter a new chapter of our life and perhaps for the first time, we choose to write the new chapter with new beliefs as our new subconscious operating system. Doing so will create a different, beneficial outcome because we move forward towards something we desire.

 It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, especially when we have the power and ability to update and change the subconscious mind with new programs to improve and enhance our relationships with the use of PSYCH-K® processes PSYCH-K® really does create better relationships, especially with our self!

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