Everything Is Good

What if Everything is “GOOD”?

I have been so blessed to introduce people to PSYCH-K. Through this modality I have come to know a connection with my spiritual source far beyond anything I was ever taught in any religious program.

This program offers ‘practical spirituality‘. The kind of Spirituality one can have a personal, daily relationship with rather than something which seems distant and untouchable.

If your background was similar to mine, I was told to go to church, read the religious books, say my prayers and if  I would do everything just right… I would go to heaven when I died. Seemed good until I wasn’t able to measure up to the image of perfection being placed upon me, no matter how hard I tried.

Even at a very young age I knew I wasn’t going to make it!

The cards were stacked against me. The slightest flaw on my part separated me from my heavenly reward… forever.

What then? I was damned for the rest of my life and eternity? It just didn’t make any sense to me. How could a loving, caring, Infinite Presence really want me to be damned for my life and eternity?

By the age of 10 or so I realized it would be best to tolerate the church teachings, but I knew at a deep and meaningful level they just weren’t lining up with the loving Infinite Power I felt.

As I got older I started looking for other ideas that were congruent with the loving energy I experienced when I thought of the Infinite Presence..

I will admit the world we live in is far from perfect. But it is a pretty amazing place. We can choose to focus on the good stuff or we can choose to focus on the not as good stuff. Guess what?

It’s all how we perceive it!

“Good” is a sliding scale.”

What one person deems as horrible and abominable another person will find and experience the miracles within it.

What if everything actually is GOOD?

What if nothing is truly bad? If everything is good then we will only find the goodness within each event, each person, each moment, in our entire lifetime.

I’ll say coming into this line of thinking is quite different. Yes, OK, a true stretch for many people. But… I challenge you to take it on! Put on a pair of rose colored glasses and see the world as rosy for a change!

My maternal grandmother was the eternal optimist. Everyday she would say, “Tomorrow is going to be better than today.” She really BELIEVED in this as her truth, even when circumstances seemed grim around her by others standards.

You know what? Everyday WAS better than today for her. She believed it so strongly she willed it to be so. She had incredible control of her mind.

Is your mind that powerful?

Are you able to see the world in such a way? Can you really believe tomorrow will be better than today?

I’ll bet if you knew how to harness the power within you, you could find the beauty in life around you, every moment of every day. It is possible to live your live as my grandmother did.

If ONE person can do it, ANYONE must be able to do it.

And… when you have a tough day, and the storms are raging around you, because storms do come, it is part of life… you could see the beauty in the storm too!

So will you take it on? Will you give up the idea of perfection and good and bad? Will you let go of the idea that we are broken and imperfect and damned for eternity? Does what we have been taught all our lives really make any sense?

Will you challenge yourself to experience EVERYTHING as GOOD?

I’ll bet when you DO… you’ll see life differently. You’ll experience people differently including yourself. Embrace the goodness.

It’s ALL good.

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