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If you are seeking greater internal peace PSYCH-K® can take you there! Peace is one of the most sought-after states of being. It can seem illusive, distant, and unachievable as though one can never attain it. Does it sound crazy to think that it is within you right now? It is already yours and you cannot be separated from it. However, peace is often covered up by all the noise of life’s pressures demanding your attention. Can you imagine how differently you would be if you were making your decisions from a state of peace instead of from a state of high internal pressure?

In PSYCH-K® we show you how you can take control of your life and the issues demanding your attention. You will learn how to prioritize your needs and how to take constructive action to calm the demands in your life. When we allow the needs of others to become more important than our own needs, we diminish ourselves. We will learn how to take care of ourselves first, so we can assist others when it is appropriate to do so. We also learn to enable others to become self-responsible and meet their own needs rather than relying on us to satisfy them.

We have been trained by our family, friends, society, etc. that it is best to meet the needs of others first and that it is honorable to put ourselves last. Yet even the airline industry knows, and tells us on every flight we take, “Put your own oxygen mask on first, before helping others around you!”

Imagine having 10 empty glasses in front of you (representing people and projects who need you) and one empty pitcher (representing you) to fill the glasses from. How many glasses can you fill with water if your pitcher is empty? The obvious answer if none! This simple illustration is quite powerful. It shows us that we cannot begin to assist another until we first fill our pitcher! This means we must take care of ourselves first. We must make ourselves the priority in our life and keep refilling our pitcher frequently so we can continue to be of service to others when appropriate.

Being at peace is our natural state of being. Anything that disrupts our natural state of peace is a stressor. Stressors show up in varying degrees. We need to consider which stressors are worth having in our lives and which are not. This is where we consider priorities. The person who lives with incredible demands will break at some point. High levels of demand are not sustainable for any person. Choices must be made about what is truly important and what can be let go of.

For instance, if a man has life partner that belittles him, beats him down, lies to him, cheats on him, manipulates him, etc. he will at some point either die from the abuse or he will have to pull himself out of the hell he is living in and do what he can to save his life. At first there will be new stressors to experience as he moves out of the home, learns to cook for himself, makes friends and develops a new support community outside the partnership. He will find healing through coaches, studying self help methods, etc. However, these new stressors are often short lived, and they are considered Eustress (beneficial stress) because they are life giving stressors that help a person grow. We are faced with choices in all areas of our lives, throughout our lives. To live in peace, rather than live in hell, is a choice worth making.

Inner peace is available to us all! Once we understand that it is within us and is part of us, we can relax our worry about finding it outside of ourselves. Nobody and no “thing” can give us the peace we desire to experience. We need to relax and discover peace inside ourselves and know that peace is already ours, with every breath we take. Our return home to a peaceful state is a short journey. We must remember we are the peace we seek in the world. Allow PSYCH-K® to help you find the path back to the real you and reclaim the peace within that is already yours. I can show you how to experience peace within your everyday reality rather than as an occasional, fleeting moment.

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