How Does PSYCH-K® Help Us Achieve a Healthier Body

How does PSYCH-K help us achieve a healthier body? The first thing I recommend is to read or listen on audio book to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s, The Biology of Belief. He explains in great detail about the connection between our beliefs and our human biology. Simply stated, unresolved traumatizing experiences, negative thoughts, and damaging beliefs, are active in our subconscious mind, causing the body to experience stress and diminishing health. The mind triggers stress hormones to be released in the body. The long-term effect of the continuous flow of these “stress” hormones causes our immune system to break down, resulting in all varying of dis-ease processes.

 Health is a NATURAL state of being! We are born with an incredible immune system designed to keep us healthy and well for a lifetime! We are designed to handle short term stressors. After the stressful situation passes, the body’s chemical environment is supposed to return to a normal, non-stressed state of being. However, if the stressor is not brought to proper resolve the body will continue to pump stress hormones which lead to dis-ease states.

 The body is the densest of our systems. Many people experience themselves as a physical body and think they are only that. However, we are truly an incredible electro-magnetic energy system. The physical body generates and radiates an electro-magnetic field that extends well beyond our physical body.

 Our energy field can be damaged by others when we experience upsetting situations, conversations or physical or verbal attacks by others. Our emotions are part of our energy system and when we feel emotionally hurt this damage is often expressed through the physical body.

 Young children are very sensitive to their environment. They are easily affected by energetic disruptions within the home such as heated discussions or full-on fights. After such an energy disturbance the young child may develop symptoms such as a cold, flu or worse. Their system is trying to purge the distressing energy they experienced within the family situation.

 When we are at work and are under a lot of pressure, the pressure we feel is our energy being upset or suppressed. We can’t wait to leave for the day and get home to a calm environment. Some people go to the bar attempting to soothe or numb the energetic distress of the workday. Yet, the alcohol further suppresses the energy field. If drinking is frequently repeated, this additional suppression can cause other health problems.

 We are energy beings and to assist ourselves with healing we need to bring into our life that which enhances and raises our energy field to maintain a vibrant state of health. This, of course, includes the people we hang out with. We need to be around happy, content, positive people who engage in life enhancing activities and behaviors. When we are around these people we feel better in their presence, and for good reason. We are enjoying their “great vibes” and our system aligns with their higher energy, which has a beneficial effect on our own health.

 We might recognize we hang out with high vibe people but never change our own behaviors. We become dependent on their good vibes to make us feel better. However, this becomes a parasitic relationship and is not sustainable. The high vibe person will, at some point, notice the energy drain of the low vibe person and recognize they are only feeding the parasitic relationship. Once this occurs, the high vibe person tends to leave the relationship.

 Seeking higher energy relationships is a great idea in the short term. This can help us change our perspective and remind us that we are also capable of regaining our own high-vibe status. It is our personal responsibility to do this corrective work. We need to understand why we have allowed a diminished energy state to exist and take appropriate action to correct for it.

 Correction of our energy field can be accomplished in many ways. We need to understand ourselves first as energy beings. We also need to understand that our energy is affected not only by our emotions, people around us, the work we like or dislike, but also our state of mind. The mind is a very powerful thing and carries with it a very powerful force. We need to understand what is going on in our mind and how that effects our energy field, because that energy field also affects our health.


Our thoughts are held within our subconscious mind. These thoughts may be beliefs we hold about ourselves and others. Our beliefs are intensely tied to emotions. Our beliefs can hinder us or catapult us forward. They can support us or destroy us, our relationships, and all that matters to us. To be in the best health we need to be operating from positive beliefs that are life enhancing and life sustaining. If we look at our lives and see only frustration, despair, anger, regret and other negative feelings we can surmise that we are operating from beliefs of lack and limitation, which diminishes our health.

 Back to the book, The Biology of Belief, by Dr. Bruce Lipton. Whatever we hold within the subconscious mind is our operating system. This has a direct affect upon the biology of the human body and its energy system. Everything we think and do affects our energy and the health of the physical body. So, to have a healthier body we must maintain healthy thoughts and beliefs. This is where PSYCH-K comes in like a shining light! This is exactly what PSYCH-K does! It helps us choose life enhancing beliefs that bring about greater health. The subconscious mind shifts its programmed operating system from lack and limitation to positivity and peace so we can be healthy beings. Think this sounds pretty amazing? It is! How about changing your limitations and become a more empowered being? PSYCH-K takes you there!

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