Feeling More Anxious Lately?

Woman with red hair sitting next to a windo, looking anxious.

Are you feeling anxious, but don’t really know why? Look around at your friends, family members, colleagues. Chances are they are feeling anxious too. There is so much upheaval going on in the world. So much is taking place, that seemingly has boiled up out of nowhere. There are so many potential concerns making the headlines. Then there are other concerns that never make the headlines but are
banging loudly from other sources in life.

There is a term called Generalized Anxiety. This term is listed as a “disorder” in the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) GAD (acronym) is simply characterized by six months or more of chronic, exaggerated worry and tension that is unfounded or much more severe than the normal anxiety most people experience. People with this disorder usually experience symptoms

  • Inability to control excessive worryin
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Irritability
  • Easily startled or becoming scared
  • Difficulty concentrating or the mind goes blank

Hold on a minute. People typically don’t get anxious without a reason!!!! Here’s my question… Why are we experiencing this anxiousness? It isn’t unfounded. Since early 2020 our entire world has been thrown one astonishing experience after another, placing most people in incredibly difficult to impossible situations to understand and navigate. For the past 3.5 YEARS the entire world population has been stressed by so many factors it’s made most of us question our sanity. Is it possible that maybe, just MAYBE, some of us are more sensitive to and stressed by what is going on in the world than others?????

Concerns or issues I’m noticing with people I’m helping are the following:

  • Uncertainty: What is true/false? Whom can I trust? Who is telling the truth? Why so much deception?
  • Unknowns: I don’t know what is happening! What is happening? Who knows what is happening? Why is there so much happening all of a sudden?
  • Caution: What decisions can I make? What can I do? When CAN I make a decision? What is the best decision to make?
  • Procrastination to Paralysis: I don’t know, so I won’t make a choice. I’ll just wait it out. I won’t plan to do anything for now. Maybe things will calm down, then I can get back to a normal life.
  • Threatened: I’ don’t know where the threat is or what it is. So, I can’t do anything to neutralize the threat.
  • Safety: I feel unsafe because of all the items mentioned above.
  • Resulting Anxiousness: I’m anxious because I feel uncertain, threatened and unsafe by the unknowns.

What can we do when we find ourselves in this very miserable state of being? There are a number of things we can do. Let’s take a look at simple things we can do to ease our minds.

Ask Yourself 2 Validating Questions!

  1. Is my physical safety (or that of my family) TRULY threatened in this present moment? If yes, take action to move away from harm.
  2. Is there anything I can personally do about the concerns upsetting me at the moment? If yes, make a list of what you can do and take action on those items immediately.

If the answers to the above 2 questions are NO, then consider the following:

What DO I have control over? (My thoughts, my choices, and my actions!)

  1. Positivity: Write a list of everything you can think of that makes a positive difference.
  2. Connection with Spiritual Source: Prayer, Meditation, PSYCH-K Balances
  3. Call a friend that is upbeat and positive, discuss ideas to uplift you both.
  4. Write an email to friends who share your concerns and ask for positive change ideas.
  5. Read a positive message, book, or article and write your thoughts about it.
  6. Take a walk, stretch or exercise, do something physically demanding.
  7. Sit in nature (or front or back porch) and consider its Divine Perfection and Balance.
  8. Focus on Peace, only peace, within you and around you.
  9. Do PSYCH-K Balances if you know how to do the processes, focusing on Peace.

Take an inventory of your life:

  • Right now, in this moment, are you safe?
  • What does safety feel like
  • What does safety give you? (Confidence, ability to relax, fall asleep, make
    decisions, etc.
  • Are you in control of this moment, right now? (Most of us would answer Yes).
    If you are in control of this moment, then celebrate this moment! It will be
    followed by another moment, and another, which you are also in control of.
    Understand, you can maintain calm in the midst of uncertainty.

Take Introspective Action:

Allow yourself to relax in this moment.

  1. Take a very deep breath and acknowledge that you are in control of that breath.
    Follow it by another deep breath, and another, and another.
  2. As you take deep breaths, allow yourself to focus on the diaphragm muscle.
    Your belly should be expanding as you breathe deep, belly breaths.
  3. In the area of the diaphragm, below the end of the rib cage and above the belly
    button is the area of your body called the Solar Plexus. It is this area that is
    known as your power center.
  4. In this Solar Plexus area, imagine a cool, soothing, calming color such as blue,
    green, or teal.
  5. Expand this color within you, throughout your entire body.
  6. Allow yourself to feel a calming, Peaceful feeling to relax your being.
  7. Once this is accomplished, allow that peaceful color/feeling to move outside of
    your physical body surrounding you.
  8. Keep that peaceful feeling with you as you move into sleep or into your day.
  9. Repeat the above Peace Exercise as often as you need.

It is important to stay in a “State of Peace” as much of the time as you possibly can. In this “State of Peace”, you will find you function better, have more meaningful conversations, and are more productive with your thoughts and activities. You will notice people are more at ease with you, and you with them. Your days will go more smoothly. Your evenings will be calmer. Your sleep will be more peaceful, deep,
relaxing and healing.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton is famous for quoting, “You can’t be in growth and protection at the same time.” Peace gives us growth. Protection comes from a fearful state of being. Fear produces only unwanted experiences.

Who is in control of your state of being? You are my friend! It is your responsibility to take good care of yourself and provide the safety you need for your life. That safety begins with a simple inventory of your current moment, followed by decisive action that moves you into Peace.

Learning how to maintain a calm sense of being and live in a state of Peace is possible. PSYCH-K assists the subconscious mind to dwell in a state of Peace. You can learn the PSYCH-K processes for yourself in a 3 day, fun and highly interactive weekend. Now you have the opportunity to learn PSYCH-K online from the comfort of your own home, or you can attend an in-person workshop. Either way, start navigating your way to a more peaceful life now. Why wait any longer?

You deserve Peace! Make it your joyful, constant companion! Karen McKy

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