Resolving Anger with PSYCH-K®

Are you dealing with unresolved anger in your life? PSYCH-K® can help you move from unresolved, deep-seated anger to being at peace. Sounds too good to be true? I help people achieve peaceful outcomes all the time. Peace is our natural state of being. Let’s take a look at anger, why it happens, what we tend to do with it and how we can resolve it.

Anger is one of the most prolific and potentially damaging of human emotions. It is native to us and can be experienced from the earliest days of our life. We can watch a baby begin crying due to a basic need such as hunger, being wet, being alone, startled or injured. The baby cries to attract attention to have its basic, immediate need be met. If no one responds to the initial cry, we can see the baby’s face change and hear the cry change as it goes through a range of emotions. We can watch emotions of confusion, abandonment, fear, anger, panic, desperation, and hopelessness take place within the matter of a few seconds. We are human beings and all of us have emotions which are deeply and intensely felt.

Why is anger potentially damaging? It’s one of the emotions we tend to hold onto for a long time. We tend to project our anger onto others rather than take responsibility for our feelings. We also tend to create associations of our anger with other people for not meeting our needs. This can then lead to blaming others for our experiences.  We tend to create distortions of our perception of an event/person/experience based on our current and available level of understanding, knowledge and feelings we have at the time. We then project our distortions and misunderstandings onto others and manufacture a particular “reality” from those misunderstandings. The “reality” may initially be based in truth, but because of the distortions, we end up believing a false narrative as our truth. Anger can incorporate new and different associated feelings including hate, abandonment, rejection, despair, confusion, resentment, etc.

Our emotions interact with our physiology. A cascade of chemicals is released by our emotions, regardless of them being happy or horrible. Of course, if we feel happy, positive emotions, we have very beneficial chemicals released in the body and the physiology experiences rejuvenation, vigor, health and wellbeing.

Anger and associated “negative” emotions cause the release of damaging chemicals in the body. These harmful chemicals cause suppression of the immune system and can ultimately lead to health problems. The longer we hold onto anger and negative emotions the longer the damaging chemicals are active in the body. Poor health can almost always be traced back to negative emotional experiences. Many times, these experiences took place in childhood and may have been recreated throughout one’s adult life.

The best thing we can do with anger is transform it into a positive emotional state and update the subconscious mind with new positive information. This can simply take place through the use of the PSYCH-K® processes. The subconscious mind is where anger and its associated feelings and experiences are stored. When we change the stored emotions related to the event/person/experience and “update” the subconscious mind with new information to operate from, the physiology receives new signals and releases healthy chemicals associated with peace and positive feelings. The physiology responds and moves toward greater health, vigor and wellbeing because this is our natural state of being.

Resolving anger is a gift we give to ourselves, allowing us to experience peace and emotional freedom. When we “free our mind” from past hurtful experiences the associated emotion of anger has no further connection to anchor itself to. Is it time to let go of the anger? In my experience PSYCH-K® is the fastest and most effective method on the planet today for doing so. I’d be honored to assist you with resolving anger and transforming your life into a happier and healthier experience.

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