No More Fear of Traumas

No More Fear of Traumas! 

by: Karen McKy, MHt

At a PSYCH-K Basic workshop in December, 2010 an adult student attended with her mother. These wonderful women are equine coaches and have had some amazing experiences as well as terrifying challenges occur when these large animals and people interface.
The daughter indicated that due to these horse/people clashes, she had developed an almost incapacitating fear whenever a horse or rider, or both were injured. It took everything she had within herself to keep from falling apart. She wanted to get through this fear and be able to think on her toes, take appropriate action, and

deal with the emergency in a fast and thoughtful manner.

During the second day of class she was ready to tackle this challenge. We checked to make sure we had all green lights to make the shift from paralysis and panic to being

calm and in control of the presenting issue.

As she went through the balancing process she transitioned through several emotional moments to emerge on the other side of the Balance with a smile and a genuine sense of calm and peace. She remarked, “I’m OK now.”


She knew she could now handle future emergency situations with confidence.

In a lovely Christmas Card she wrote to me, “I wanted to let you know how beneficial PSYCH-K has been for Mom and I since we left Denver. We have muscle tested and Balanced with each other almost every day. The results have been HUGE! I am much calmer with every experience throughout the day. I feel lighter and guided by a higher power, and I am finally starting to find the love and passion I’ve been waiting to share with the world!”

After writing this bright young woman to ask permission to use her story, she added the following comments. I hope you enjoy them.

“Before/After PSYCH-K:  I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that you allowed me the opportunity to do the trauma balance- most of my day, especially before I fell asleep at night, was spent seeing horrible visions/pictures of broken bones/blood/accidents/etc… It was all I could do to stay sane and talk myself out of my next wreck (not real great when you making a living with horses, LOL)- lots of Anxiety and Tension.”

“Since that workshop, I have had “0 !” debilitating visions and have become a very productive, somewhat carefree person. I fall right to sleep at night!  Yea for me!!!  I also feel free, happy, relaxed, guided, optimistic, and grateful.  I mention this because prior to PSYCH-K, I had to work hard at feeling those things and now it is almost second nature.”

“The days that I do feel a little off, I sit and ask for guidance about what is bothering me, I usually get an answer within a couple minutes, I write a belief statement and test.  If it is weak, I Balance- so easy, but so very effective.  To add to my wonderful experience, people and animals respond to me in very interested, friendly, trusting ways where before they seemed tense and reluctant.”

“It is truly my hope that if someone out there reads this and can relate, you go do a PSYCH-K workshop with Karen.  It was absolutely one of the best gifts I could have ever given myself!”

Traumatic situations are amazingly easy to transition

with the PSYCH-K processes. Whether it is grief, loss, fear, or a very horrible experience, either in the past or an anticipated event, you will be astounded at how fast, easy, and efficiently you can come to terms with overwhelming memories or experiences.

Can we really change what is in our subconscious mind?

Absolutely! The beliefs and the traumas we operate from were once created and installed by us. Therefore, they can be changed by us much more easily than ever imagined. How? That is what PSYCH-K is all about! Learn how to change your self-limiting, defeating beliefs, experiences and traumas. Move in the direction of your dreams. You will learn how to utilize processes which will support you for the rest of your life!

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