Resolved Anxiety with PSYCH-K®

Anxiety is rampant in the lives of people across the world. If you ask others why they feel anxious responses of “I don’t know, I just am” may be heard. Generalized anxiety is experienced when someone feels anxious but cannot put a finger on what is causing it. Thus, they don’t know how to resolve the anxiousness. If you know what is making you feel anxious action can be taken to resolve that cause. What can we do when we experience generalized anxiety? 

From a purely physical perspective we can exercise and exert ourselves. Unless the anxiety is from a physical cause, it is unlikely that physical exertion will have much lasting benefit. If you do exercise and it helps, then great. If the anxiety returns you know that exercise alone won’t resolve it.

People often seek solace through another physical process such as eating foods that are comforting or filling in hopes of resolving the anxiousness. As we know, this does not offer much resolve. We may find ourselves back in the kitchen with our hand in the proverbial cookie jar seeking more solace from food.

A third physical way people deal with anxiety is through chemical means, this could include food. Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and other powerful chemicals may be sought after to alleviate anxiety, but these too may disappoint us and don’t work. We may create dependency on the external chemical sources of relief.

Emotional approaches can be helpful if they lead to the discovery of the source of the anxiety. If not, a good cry, scream, or beating a pillow may help us vent the pent-up energy created from the anxiety. However, relief may be fleeting as the cause of the anxiety has not been identified. 

Mental options such as counseling or a good visit with a caring friend can be helpful. Sometimes talking through what is going on can lead to the discovery of the cause of the anxiety. The old saying “two heads are better than one” can lead us into the sought-after discovery of the issue. If the discussion also reveals action steps to resolve the cause, we may get back into some level of control again. Taking time alone, away from the buzz of everyday issues, can allow us to think through things and arrive at the cause. We can simply be too distracted by the tasks and pressures of life to be able to think.

Sometimes we can rely on our spiritual connection with God/Higher Self/Universe through prayer or meditation to help resolve anxiety. Belief in a power greater than ourselves and trusting that power to handle the cause can free us from anxiety 

PSYCH-K® can be of great assistance in resolving anxiety. Anxiety is often persistent and creates a lot of emotional frustration. The harder we try to manage the anxiety the more intense it can grow. PSYCH-K® allows us to calm the brain by engaging both hemispheres at the same time while processing the anxiousness. This allows the entire electro-magnetic energy system of the human body to relax and calm down. The persistent firestorm in the brain eases and often completely dissipates. When the brain is in a “Whole Brain State” the cause of the anxiety can be discovered and dealt with. PSYCH-K® offers us the option to be self-responsible and engage in simple and easy processes to find creative solutions and alternate opportunities to our challenges in life. PSYCH-K® offers relief at the physical, mental, emotional levels and assists us in greater connection with our spiritual source.

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