PSYCH-K WorkshopsPSYCH-K® Workshops & Programs

Several Psych-K workshops are available through Subconscious Change. All workshops are highly experiential in nature. In all programs students work in pairs (2 students) or triads (3 students) depending on the workshop and process being taught. After a thorough overview, and a teaching demonstration students partner and work each process, then all students come back together for a discussion of the experience. Q & A follows. Sharing of experiences after the practice period is vital to understanding the variable, range and depth of the process. See highlights below.

FREE Introductory Webinars

Learn more about PSYCH-K® by visiting with Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor Karen McKy during FREE Webinars. These online gatherings are usually about an hour long.

You are welcome to ask questions after the Psych-K webinar. These are interactive and fun opportunities to become more familiar with this wonderful modality.

Each Workshop listed below utilizes different materials and builds upon information taught in the Basic PSYCH-K® Workshop.

Basic PSYCH-K Workshop

The first workshop is the 3 Day Basic class which teaches processes appropriate for the majority of one’s concerns. It offers the student a series of tools which can be used the rest of one’s life. These processes are always the first considered in any belief change session.

Advanced Integration Workshop

This 4 Day Psych-K Advance Workshop teaches multiple processes targeted with specific goals in mind such as creating harmony in relationships, building rapport and being in rapport with others, aligning 13 foundational core beliefs for maximum effectiveness in life, and bonding with our life to release traumas of the past and worries of the future to name a few.

This workshop offers profound and rapid beneficial change. Comments from students rate this workshop as one of the most amazing life experiences they have ever participated in.

Pro Workshop

This 4 Day Psych-K Pro Workshop is recommended for ANYONE who has a body and has friends, loved ones who also have a body! We all have a physical system (body) and occasionally we become ill. Knowing how to help ourselves and others when illness manifests is vitally important. What is at the cause of the manifestation of illness?

The workshop material covers how to work with dis-ease states, allergies and trauma situations (either past or in the known future, i.e. job reviews, dental work, etc.) by gaining the lessons, messages and understandings each situation presents us. Often times after we receive the message the messenger goes away.

One full day is spent utilizing tools to build a PSYCH-K business which includes business basics and running sessions from the moment the client’s first call comes in to saying goodbye after the client session. The prerequisite for the Pro Workshop is the Basic Workshop. While the Advanced is not required it is HIGHLY SUGGESTED.

Divine Integration Retreat “DIR”

This fabulous Psych-K Divine Integration retreat is the culmination of all the integration from all the processes previously studied. It is intended to help us understand our relationship as a Divine Being having a spiritual experience in a physical world. Rob Williams believes we all suffer from the “IS Disease” (Illusion of Separation) and that all disease/stress are a direct result of the belief that we are \”separate\” from our Divinity.

This workshop is the pinnacle of the PSYCH-K® material. As such, the prerequisites for this course are the Basic and the Advanced Integration Workshop. Processes learned in both these classes are utilized in the “DIR”

Health & Wellness Program

This 4 Day Health and Wellbeing Program is available for individuals seeking greater knowledge about managing illness or increasing their well being as well as professionals who already have a client/patient base in the mental health and/or medical health arena. Professionals who utilize complementary/alternative healing modalities within their practice will benefit greatly from this course..

This course is only taught by the Director of the Health and Wellness Program, Dr. Duccio Locati, Italian Osteopath on an infrequent basis. Content includes PSYCH-K® Balances built from psycho-neuro-immunological studies and includes considerable content on the placebo/nocebo effect. Clinical discussions will be a natural part of the class. Students attending this program will receive an Affirmation of Attendance and may list themselves as a PSYCH-K Health and Wellness Professionals on the PSYCH-K® website with payment of a nominal annual fee.

PER-K Essentials For Success

For those interested in bringing PSYCH-K into their professional world, this workshop is available in a specially packaged and customizable format for the business environment. The processes taught are the same as those in the Basic Workshop. However, the context is entirely and appropriately reset for the business environment.

Discussion and focus is directly related to the business environment and how our beliefs about our work and service in the world directly impact the outcome of our business relationships, products and how our business interfaces with the world at large. This workshop is called PER-K Workshop, which stands for Performance, Energy and Results = Keys for Sustainable Success.

Natural Vision Improvement Workshop and Classes

If you wear glasses or contacts there has likely been a time in your life where you have wondered if you could live your life without glasses and improve your vision without surgery. Over 100 years ago a very gutsy Optometrist, named Dr. William Bates put his personal and professional reputation on the line. He discovered with proper education, physical activities, relaxation and overcoming emotional connections to life experiences people could enjoy normal sight.

As a long time wearer of glasses and contacts I (Karen McKy) grew more and more frustrated with them. My eyes had grown so dry I could no longer wear contacts. After going back to wearing glasses for over 4 years I disliked having them slide down my nose and found myself constantly pushing them back in place. In short I was perturbed with the nuisance they had become.

After learning about Natural Vision Improvement I realized I too could assist or regain my vision. After the first day in the NVI instructor Certification program I realized I would likely be the only one on the planet interfacing PSYCH-K® with NVI. PSYCH-K® is the most dynamic tool on the planet for helping people deal with emotional issues. As it turns out, most vision loss ties to hurtful emotional occurrences in one’s past. These unresolved situations create stresses within the eyes and surrounding musculature which tend to \”lock the eyes\” into persistent poor vision patterns.

With PSYCH-K® and the other processes taught in the Natural Vision Improvement material one can greatly improve or totally regain their clarity and visual acuity. I have been steadily improving my eyesight as has my husband (even after cataract surgery for both eyes).

Learn how you can say goodbye to glasses and steadily decreasing eyesight as you get older with simple and profound changes you can employ the minute you learn them.