PSYCH-K Techniques: Advanced Workshop

PSYCH-K® Techniques and Advanced Integration Workshop


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Typically the Advanced Integration Workshop is the 2nd workshop PSYCH-K students take as it provides  8 additional change processes. It also provides a wider foundation upon which to build for those interested in taking the Professionals’ Course. However, you make take the Professionals’ Course immediately after the Basic if you choose. The Basic Workshop is the pre-requisite for either class.


The Advanced Workshop is a four day, “mind blowing, knock your socks off” workshop. Most students leave the class with a whole new perspective on life and on what is possible with the power of the Subconscious Mind and and it’s spiritual counterpart, which we generically refer to as the Super Conscious Mind.  Each student has their own name by which they call this spiritual aspect. All spiritual belief systems are welcomed, accepted, and respected within the world of PSYCH-K.


We begin the workshop with a bit of a review from the Basic Workshop as students may come to this class from another instructor or a significant gap in time since their Basic class. We take a little time to ramp up and get everyone on the same page again. After we get to know each other a bit and have the review covered we are ready to launch into the first of 8 new processes.


The Rapport Balance is actually two Balances in one. You will learn how to be in verbal rapport with people at all times so that you can actually improve your verbal communication with others. Many of us have no idea how we block communication from other people. With this Balance we open up all the communication channels so you can understand others and they can better understand you. The second part of this Balance is for non-verbal communication. Over 97% of all communication is non-verbal. How we react or respond to others non-verbally has a lot to do with our success in the world. With this Balance we create the ability to remain open to others no matter what their body language or outward physical presentation may be saying to us. Much of the background for this Balance comes from the world of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. What takes 6 weeks to learn in NLP we accomplish in about 6 hours.


The next processes you learn are layered Psych-k techniques and steps. You will first learn about Belief Points. This initiates from the ancient art of acupuncture, but puts a whole new spin on it. The ancient acupuncturists knew that different points on the body tied with psychological and emotional issues. We acknowledge this as well. You will learn 12 Belief Points on the physical body and their paired belief statements, twenty four in all. Each Belief Point has a life enhancing and and self limiting belief associated with it. You will learn how your system is organized in relationship to these beliefs.


Next you will learn a Psych-k technique called Energy Focusing. This process along with Belief Points creates another Balancing tool. Energy Focusing introduces you to the flow of a very special kind of energy. We cab use this energy to assist ourselves and others in creating changes. This process allows you to focus energy in such a way that it can shift beliefs in a very short amount of time.


Surrogation is the third process you will learn. This is the process that allows one person to represent another person so change can take place. It is a non-local experience. Too much here to describe. Just come to the class and be amazed with this fascinating process.


The fourth process is called the Core Belief Balance. This is the grand-daddy of them all as it was the first process Originator, Rob Williams received in December 1988 which launched PSYCH-K. In this process you will find out how your mind/body system is currently aligned in relationship to 13 pairs of core beliefs. These core beliefs are inherent in all people and cultures around the world. You will utilize Belief Points with Energy Focusing to create the transformational changes within this Balance.


The fifth Balance you will learn is the Relationship Balance. This amazing tool allows the student to work out problems in pivotal relationships. If you have challenges with employers or employees, sibling, parents, grandparents, friends, etc. this is a marvelous tool to help shift the energetic components of challenged relationships. This balance can even work with those who have passed on to the next dimension so death holds no boundary for our own personal well being and transformation.


The sixth Balance you will learn is the Life Bonding Balance. This Balance takes you from conception to the end of life as we know it. The reason for this Balance is to remove the limits we have placed on ourselves in a very comprehensive way. It opens the doorway to live freely in the present moment rather than straddling the past, which is behind us and the future, which is before us.


You will also learn a Surprise Balance, but I can’t tell you about that because then it wouldn’t be a surprise!


We finish the fourth and last day with a marvelous Energy Circle in which we bestow upon each other loving words and blessings before we depart. This is a very relaxing and beautiful way to bring completion to four very transformative  and amazing days. As people leave they often times say this has been the most magical four days of their lives. It is truly a wonderful, wonderful experience and all who participate know their lives have changed forever. Often deep and meaningful relationships are formed as a result of the work together over the four days.


Come and be blessed and amazed with this fascinating workshop!

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