PER-K® Workshops

PER-K® Workshops

PSYCH-K processes are Essentials for Success!

Use PSYCH-K to enhance your business, your communications, your bottom line!

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Not all PER-K events are posted due to company or group privacy requests.


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Learn these powerful processes of change, engage a different success strategy

Use the approach that works best for your group or organization. All workshops are custom designed so each team embraces materials best suited to their needs.

Essentials for Success

(Customized Content)

Learn and utilize “High Speed Mindset Change” processes.

Choose either of two options below:

Option 1.

A two-day interactive workshop PLUS follow up 1:1 coaching sessions. Coaching sessions help participants maximize the learned information at a personal level. Designed to assist participants in rapid engagement with and use of the processes for their success.

Option 2.

A three-day interactive workshop includes plenty of opportunities for participants to engage with the processes with team dynamics. This format offers greater team interaction while ensuring immediate application and success.

Participant & Organizational Gains:

1. Each participant within the organization will be able to identify and change beliefs preventing them from expressing and manifesting their success potential.

2. Each participant within the organization learns how to successfully initiate future changes after the workshop for continued improvement.

3. Each participant within the organization is comfortable engaging other team members in working the processes for sustained development.

Essentials for Success™ offers customized modules focused to address specific areas targeted for improvement or organizational initiatives critical to sustainable success.

Focus Modules Include:

  • Peak Sales Performance – The Psychological Advantage
  • Behavior Styles – Flexing with the Differences
  • Exceptional Leadership – Leading by Example
  • Effective Communication – Using Both Sides of the Brain
  • Team Alignment – Enhancing Group Effectiveness
  • Turning Stress into Success – It’s All in How You Look at It
  • Health and Wellness – The Mind/Body Connection
  • Managing for Excellence – The Whole-Brain Approach
  • The Nature Consultancy – Key Principles of Nature and Sustainable Success applied to business

Examples for Additional Customization:

  • Diffusing the Difficult Client – Interaction from a Whole-Brain State
  • Safety First – Making Safety Awareness a Habit
  • Letting Someone Go – Opportunities for Growth
  • Death in the Workplace – Honoring, Healing and Moving On
  • Performance Appraisals – Gaining Commitment for Expected Results
  • Ethics – Aligning Individual and Organizational Agreements
  • Responsibility and Accountability – A Personal Commitment
  • Spirituality in Business – Expanding from Within
  • Coaching – With a Whole-Brain Perspective
  • Excellent Entrepreneur – Using Your Brain Trust for Success

Essentials for Success can be presented for:

Open public workshops

Closed organization workshops

Project enhancement initiatives

When is it best to hold an Essentials for Success Workshop?

  • Anytime success enhancement is desired
  • At the start of a change initiative to foster openness and willingness to new concepts
  • At the end of a change initiative to facilitate alignment with the new information

After the workshop each participant will:

  • Effectively identify and transform self-limiting beliefs (which lead to self- defeating behaviors)
  • Create new self-empowering beliefs (which leads to increased performance and confidence).
  • Clarify confusing and abstract ideas (which leads to greater efficiency and better outcomes)
  • Implement the change processes into daily personal and professional life.

PER-K® processes activate the innate neurological connection between mind and body to communicate with the subconscious mind… the storehouse of attitudes and beliefs.

This results in a unique state of mind enabling participants to rewrite old self-limiting beliefs with new and supportive self-enhancing beliefs.

PER-K® is simple, direct, effective and verifiable. It simply works!

Welcome to the Evolution of Business!

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