How Does PSYCH-K Work?


Once people see the results, the next question is how does Psych-K work?

PSYCH-K creates a Whole-Brain state in relationship to a specific belief being addressed. This Whole-Brain state allows the Partner (person changing their belief) to create and open new neural pathways within the brain in relationship to this new belief.

For the past 20+ years PSYCH-K has enjoyed world wide attention. People from all around the world have enhanced their lives with the resulting benefits. Now, with the validation of qEEG Brainmaps we have visible scientific evidence of the differences being made within the brain activity.

To assist in understanding the neuroscience related to the PSYCH-K® process, research is being done with a proven scientific method called Brain mapping. It measures brainwave patterns through 20 specific locations on the head, and then converts the gathered EEG data (electroencephalogram) information through a sophisticated statistical program, into visual patterns that can be compared to one another. Current, and ongoing research, utilizing brain mapping with qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) is proving that using the PSYCH-K® process establishes a balanced brain state, i.e. a Whole-Brain State.

Under typical circumstances, the normal energy patterns in the brain tend to remain the same until altered in some way. Previous research, and common experience, has shown that it can take weeks, months, or even years for significant changes to take place in the brain using other approaches.

When utilizing a PYCH-K® process, significant changes were indicated after only 10 minutes! The figure below is a sample taken from a two-year research study involving 125 cases. Brainmaps are unique to the specific individual, yet the research outcome is consistent with 98% of the participants establishing a Whole-Brain State.

The RED COLOR represents brain activity BEFORE the PSYCH-K® balance process. The BLUE COLOR shows the added brainwave activity AFTER the PSYCH-K® balance process. Notice how the two colors create a more globally distributed energy pattern (Whole-Brain State), after the completion of the balance process.

Brain Map Images after Psych-K


Following PSYCH-K® balance, this person demonstrated a statistically significant shift in hemispheric coherence patterns, which was reflected behaviorally in increased access to emotional resources and integrated, “Whole-Brain” relationships





In the above sample, Red (before Balance) + Blue (after the Balance) = the increased brain activity experienced by this individual.

The result of PSYCH-K is that individuals have dramatically increased access to additional brain functions, giving them greater response potential to meet life’s challenges and opportunities.The image indicates an increase in balance across the brain, between the left and right hemispheres, as well as harmony from front to back.

The Whole-Brain State provides many benefits including: high-speed subconscious belief change, clearer thinking, reduced stress, expanded access to enhanced creativity and problem solving skills, heightened awareness, as well as increased energy and efficiency.

In fact, the more that is known about the Whole-Brain State, the more it appears to be a “gateway” to higher consciousness and sustainable success.

In January 2009 neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin was introduced to PSYCH-K. An associate clinician of Dr. Fannin’s, who had only been utilizing neuro-biofeedback technology added these processes to her sessions with clients. She found that clients were able to reduce the number of sessions by half when they also engaged PSYCH-K processes.

Dr. Fannin was most interested in what he heard from this associate. He attended PSYCH-K workshops and met with PSYCH-K Originator Rob Williams to understand what was going on. A clinical study was devised which would later be published in the peer reviewed journal NeuroConnections, Fall 2011 issue.  NeuroConnectionsV7

A Partner/client typically meets with a Facilitator for a private session. The Partner will describe patterns, behaviors, and limiting beliefs that s/he desires to change. The Facilitator will take notes, listening for limiting beliefs as the Partner shares.

New, life-enhancing belief statements will be created to target the specific areas of change desired by the Partner. The Facilitator then works with the Partner utilizing the process which best addresses the desired change. The change process may require only a few seconds to a few minutes. Typical responses noticed by the Partner during the PSYCH-K process are relaxation, relief, unwinding, peace, a sense of ease, calm, and enhanced well being.

At this time much is being learned about the brain and neuroscience. In fact it is reported that 90% of everything we now know about the brain we have learned in the last 10 years! Considering the newest brain research about neuro-plasticity, it appears that utilizing PSYCH-K processes allows new neural networks to be made, and/or previous neural networks to be re-activated.

After the Partner has completed the PSYCH-K Balance process/es the Partner is encouraged to engage in behaviors, thoughts, and activities which support the new belief to further enhance the neural circuitry. Additional Balances will enhance and further support the belief changes.

The Basic processes are easily learned during a 2 day workshop. It is wise for one to learn the series of self-empowerment tools so change can be made immediately when one recognizes limiting beliefs. The days of waiting until the next scheduled appointment with a practitioner are over. For the person who is ready and willing to become master of their own destiny PSYCH-K tools are priceless!

PSYCH-K® works within a series of well defined, physically non-invasive protocols tested and refined over the past 20+ years by numerous PSYCH-K® Facilitators. However, within the protocols there is much room for spontaneity and innovation which allows the PSYCH-K® Facilitator to always feel an element of newness and anticipation with each session.

Healing Professionals Information

A well-seasoned healing arts professional will quickly recognize some Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Kinesiology, and Hypnosis techniques within the framework of PSYCH-K®. This being said, it is a modality that stands solidly on its own foundation. Each of the processes works to assist the Partner/client in re-writing the subconscious programming which has caused them hurt, damage, pain or poor function in their life.
The majority of the PSYCH-K® processes can be accomplished with eyes wide open. This makes first-time sessions very comforting for new clients who may feel somewhat vulnerable until they become more familiar with the sessions.

PSYCH-K® is readily accepted by most open minded people with only minor discussion and explanation. Simple demonstrations done with the participant, taking less than three-five minutes, easily engage the participant’s curiosity and leave them asking for more information.

A typical session will include the participant describing an upsetting challenge and the circumstances contributing to the challenge. Then the participant will describe self-limiting beliefs they hold around the challenge. Next, a series of possible and desired life-enhancing new beliefs will be constructed with the participant. These new beliefs will then be tested and instilled utilizing the process, as new operational beliefs.

It is important to note that the new desired beliefs are NOT those of the Facilitator. They are solely those of the client. The more meaningful the new belief is to the client the more powerful it is within the subconscious mind.

The Facilitator’s job is to remain ever vigilant and curious about the circumstances being described. The Facilitator acts as a sounding board, asks questions to help the participant develop greater clarity, facilitates the actual subconscious change processes, and watches for signals that subconscious change has occurred. Then the Facilitator celebrates with the Partner/client, a very important step in the process as the subconscious mind appreciates and responds to acknowledgment.

In Love and Light,

Karen McKy

how does PSYCH-K work?







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