Looking for a spiritually rewarding service based career?

Open yourself to experience the personally and spiritually satisfying world of Professional PSYCH-K Facilitation. Facilitate others through the same PSYCH-K processes you use to help yourself grow and evolve. Help change lives with the dynamic processes of PSYCH-K. This could be the incredibly creative and personally fulfilling service based career you have been looking for. Assist others in awakening their hidden potential and embrace the life they deserve.

The following 5 workshops are recommended for your greatest understanding of how to create and maintain a professional PSYCH-K Facilitation career.


Click each link below for course details.

Course: PSYCH-K Basic Workshop

Course: PSYCH-K Advanced Integration Workshop

Course: PSYCH-K Master Facilitation Workshop

Course: Divine Integration Retreat (DIR)

Course: Health and Wellness Program (HWP)