November 21, 22 Update

I’m 10 days post chemo (first treatment) and I’m doing incredibly well according to everyone Leigh talks to. I still have no nausea, I’m eating like a piggie. Everything tastes so amazingly good (except for the first 5 days after chemo when I was taking the steroid) Really, the only thing that is a challenge is my weight has dropped from 125 to 108 as of 2 days ago. Leigh and my daughter have started stuffing me with food in large quantities. Ha ha. Much of the weight loss we attribute to the water my system was holding onto. Most, if not all, of that is gone now. I’m starting to feel a bit more energy. However, it’s a bit of a roller coaster as some days my energy is low and the next I’ll feel pretty perky.

We made an outing to a mall yesterday (malls here are still hopping, contrary to the dying malls we are seeing in the US). It wore me out just to go to 2 stores and have a coffee at a little place we could sit down at. Couldn’t wait to get back to the apartment we are renting. Overall though, I’m really pleased with how my body is handling everything. Most people are surprised I’m so positive and upbeat. I look at it this way. My life has been saved! I would have already been dead had it not been for the intervention of draining my lungs. What a blessing of modern science to give me many more years of life. Why shouldn’t I be happy and positive? Glass 1/2 full or glass 1/2 empty? It’s all a perspective we get to choose for ourselves. Life is full of choices. Some extend our life and others end our life.Positive outlook, desire to live, and understanding what we have to live for make a huge difference with our prognosis. I choose life!!!!

Love to you all! 


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