Feb 3

- Feb 5, 2023

Learn how to create mastery of your life with simple, easy to use and easy to learn processes which improve the quality of your life from the inside out. When you utilize your subconscious mind to assist you in creating your dreams life gets so much easier. The spiritually based processes allow you to create a connection through your Highest Knowing so you are guided in making wise changes for your life. Come and learn how to master your subconscious!

Explore the fascinating world and power of your subconscious beliefs at this workshop. Our beliefs actually create our daily lives. They influence how we interact with people and the world at large. Our beliefs are so powerful they influence our health and abilities to create our future. With so much of our life riding on our beliefs, isn’t it important to make sure we are living from healthy beliefs? Of course! How do you change the old beliefs and get healthy beliefs in place? Come to the Basic Workshop and learn how. It’s easier than you think!

What to Bring

Colorado is a high mountain desert climate. It is very dry, so the air can be a bit harsh on the nose. Those of you coming from lower elevations…begin hydrating at least 3 days prior to departure. Avoid coffee and other caffeine products that tend to dehydrate the body. Plan on drinking a lot of water while you are here. Hydration also tends to greatly help dealing with higher altitude changes by increasing the blood volume. Again, hydrate 3 days before you get on flights and continue high levels of water consumption while you are in Colorado.

Items to bring along with you are the following:

  • A 3 Ring Binder (1/2” or 1” works well) 
  • 20 Heavy Duty Sheet Protectors (This keeps your pages from getting damaged)
  • A Yellow Highlighter
  • 2 Different color of writing Pens and a Pencil
  • Notebook paper for notes!
  • A Non-spill, non-breakable water bottle 


Clothing/Attire:  Dress comfortably, blue jeans are fine. Also dress in layers. Sometimes it’s cool and sometimes it’s warm depending on the sunlight, clouds, etc. If you are in layers you can easily adjust to be comfortable. Bring a light sweater/jacket in case the room is cooler than expected. Be sure to check the weather report for Aurora, CO during your stay so you can pack accordingly.

Workshop Snacks: We will be offering fruit, nuts, granola bars, tea, and coffee, etc. for snacks during the workshop. Feel free to bring your own mug or hot-mug. If you have special dietary needs please bring your own specialty snack items with you.

Lunch Breaks: We will break for a 1 hour lunch. There are several restaurants within a short drive if you want to go out for lunch. If you want to bring your lunch, feel free to use the refrigerator, microwave, stove, etc. For those who are staying overnight at the house, lunch meats, bread options (including 1 gluten free option) and soups (during the cold months) will be available.

Organizer Info:

Karen McKy

Instructor Info:

Karen McKy

Date & Time

Feb 3

- Feb 5, 2023

8:45am - 6:00pm

Venue & Lodging

19909 E 61st Dr, Aurora, CO 80019

Nearest Airport: Denver International Airport (DIA)

The workshop will be held at Karen’s Home in Aurora, CO (9 miles/12 minutes from the airport). For those of you who choose to also stay with Karen, there are 4 different bedrooms, each with 2 beds. If you’re interested in staying somewhere close to the venue but not sure where to stay, please email Karen and ask for recommendations.

For more information on the venue and to view image galleries, check out the Venue Page.

Be sure to check your email for airport arrival and driving directions when we get closer to the date.


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