Why Become A Facilitator

What is a Facilitator?

A PSYCH-K Facilitator is a student who has successfully attended the entire Basic Workshop and demonstrated knowledge of how to facilitate the processes. Everyone who graduates from the Basic Workshop is a PSYCH-K Facilitator.


It is really easy to help others (and yourself) by facilitating the PSYCH-K processes. If you can read and follow directions you can successfully do the processes. Developing confidence and increasing your proficiency is something that happens whenever anyone learns a new skill. Be patient with yourself. Ask friends to support you. Help them with concerns they are dealing with and before you know it you will be doing PSYCH-K Balances with confidence and ease.

Why should I become a PSYCH-K® Facilitator?

The question is really, “Why NOT become a PSYCH-K® Facilitator?” After your Basic PSYCH-K® class you can immediately begin employing the subconscious change skills and processes you have gained. Your friends and co-workers will take interest in your new skills and ask you to assist them with all kinds of diverse topics.

Your PSYCH-K® training may open up new avenues for you to explore professionally as it has for many students in the past. We have witnessed students who have come to class out of curiosity only to walk away with plans of opening a private practice helping people change self-limiting subconscious programming. This occurring after only 2 days exposure to the materials!

The world is changing and many people are in need of assistance. If you have tools which help people with subconscious programming changes and you are willing to share them with others, you are likely to have others ask you for assistance.


Is there support for me as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator?

Absolutely! It’s important for you to know there is always someone available with experience to offer ideas when a curious situation arises. Help is only a phone call or an email away. Feel free to call Karen McKy or James Bates for tips and pointers on how to handle unfamiliar situations.
If you really feel stuck you can always end the session with your partner and tell them you will get back to him/her after you do some research. You can never “mess up” with PSYCH-K.

NEW Community For Facilitators!

Karen has started FREE Facilitator Support Conference Calls being held approximately every 2-3 weeks. Be sure to get in one these calls. Listen to questions other Facilitators have and how to handle them if and when they show up with a friend or client you are working with. To register for the call you will need to register using the scheduling software so a link can be sent to you.
If you have attended any workshop with Karen your name has been added to a student email list. She will send all Student Facilitators the code or phone number necessary to connect on the call.
Be sure to check the HOME page on Subconscious Change frequently to view the upcoming conference call dates. International callers are welcome. All conferences will be in English. Please speak English during the call as we do not have interpreters present.
Format for the calls will be 1.5 hours in length.  A welcome will be given, then a Success Story shared by an invited guest caller, then other success stories will be shared followed by Q&A. We will co-create the sessions together. If you want to share please JOIN IN!

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