Something to Live For

We’ve heard it before. “Life is so much more meaningful when you have something to live for.” I’m in full agreement! When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma on Nov 5, 2022 it made me do a lot of real fast, deep soul searching. I quickly realized that the only “things” that mattered in my life weren’t things at all! What mattered were the people I love and the activities I have loved doing.

When I first looked into the eyes of my family members via FaceTime, thousands of miles away from me, our eyes were locked on each other. My message was that I loved them, they mattered so much to me, and I was going to do everything I could to survive. Even on my small phone screen the energy was palpable for all of us. They were my reason for surviving this tough condition. These important beings were the only reasons I was determined to make it through to the other side and regain my health. My family was my lifeline to my health.

What mattered next were my friends, many whom I’ve made through my 14 years of teaching PSYCH-K workshops! When times are tough, the value of people who love and support us, outside of our family, is incredibly important. They provide strength for us in ways our family may not be able to offer. I wanted to survive to continue these relationships and develop new relationships with more people. We need quality relationships! We need to know that we make a positive difference in the lives of others, and they make a positive difference in ours!

The next awareness I had is that I really did have a “bucket list.” At the top of that list was having a sailing trip with my dear, new life partner, Leigh. The attached video is about the manifestation of that sailing dream come true. In 1976 my parents stretched financially to purchase a 27-foot sailboat. I didn’t understand at the time how important that choice and gift was. The events that took place on that sail boat with my mom, dad and brother on Pueblo Reservoir during the next 5 summers, set incredible life values in place for me. I learned I could do more than I believed I could. I realized I mattered, my actions mattered, as a team member in my family. I developed a deep love for sailing, blue skies, and heading into storms to challenge our sailing skills and play with nature.

During the cancer treatments I often thought how we always came out of the storms laughing and stronger and smarter than when we sailed into them. Those memories of my sailing experiences as a teen provided me strength, grit and determination to see the sunshine and blue skies of my life after the cancer storm. So, as you can imagine, I really wanted to get back to sailing in my life. My beloved life partner, Leigh, made that possible. You see us here on a rented catamaran in the waters of the Carribbean near Grenada and nearby islands at the end of August 2023.

So, my friends, I ask the following questions… Whom are you living FOR? What are you living FOR? What is on your bucket list? Why is it on your list? Why does it matter? Why are you continually waiting to do what matters? Yes, we all need something to live FOR! The most important opportunity we have each day is doing what matters to us! 

Most of all, know that you matter! Your life and what you have to share with others matters! It’s time to get out there and make your life happen and share your love as you are doing it! 


In Love and Light, Karen

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