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Book Author: Rob Williams


“PSYCH-K® – The Missing Peace in Your Life”


The processes are taught through interactive workshops to make sure students have a complete and thorough understanding of how to evaluate a clients/participants needs and affect the desired changes the client/participant is seeking.

You’ve heard the saying, “your reality is created by your beliefs”? Subconscious beliefs are often the result of many years and often many lifetimes of “programming”. 95% of our consciousness is actually subconscious according to studies in neuroscience. Our attitudes, values, and beliefs are stored in this subconscious mind. We form perceptions about ourselves from these beliefs that form our own behaviors. Often, it is these self-defeating behaviors that we desire to be changed. PSYCH-K provides tools and processes for us to be able to change these behaviors, quickly and permanently. For PSYCH-K, the book by Rob Williams will give you a better idea of how you can incorporate this into your own life.

While the book is a valuable asset it is in no way a substitute for attending the formal training and working with a Certified PSYCH-K Instructor. The book is intended to be used as an additional resource to the workshop training!


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