When To Use PSYCH-K?

How would a person know when to use PSYCH-K?

Knowing when to use PSYCH-K® is part of what we teach in our workshops. You can use this technique at the earliest opportunity with yourself, a friend, client or participant. When you realize you or another is experiencing a conflict in some way, it is most likely due to outdated subconscious programming conflicting with new conscious mind awareness. Something doesn’t fit any longer. A conflict arises and expresses itself as duress, stress, uncertainty, discomfort, dis-ease, etc.

Obviously, the most reasonable action is to relieve the distress or discomfort. However, most healing modalities only work on the symptoms, not the cause. So to get to the cause and relieve the distress we must get to the subconscious mind and create subconscious change to specifically address the distress.

PSYCH-K® works with the subconscious mind, the conscious mind and the Superconscious mind to create equilibrium within the system; establishing a harmonious environment once again.
During a PSYCH-K® session, set protocols for specific results are offered for the Partner/client to work with in discovering the causal issue/s. The PSYCH-K® Facilitator is a trained assistant in the discovery process.

PSYCH-K® is a “DO WITH” process rather than a “DO TO” process; therefore sessions are facilitated not directed! This also means the Facilitator doesn’t have to have the answers. Wow, what a concept!

The PSYCH-K® client or participant is highly active in the session and is responsible for discovering the answers within the subconscious mind during the session. It is the firmly held belief of all who facilitate PSYCH-K® that the wisdom for healing, of any and all circumstances and conditions, rests firmly within one’s own subconscious mind! Through the facilitation of PSYCH-K® processes, answers are revealed by the subconscious mind to the Partner/client for the healing and balancing of the body, mind and soul.

This being said, the question will be asked, can PSYCH-K® correct conditions like cancer and other life threatening diseases? The answer to this is possibly. There are a great many reasons why people and animals become ill. We have come to learn that even with the best treatments, the most expensive drugs, the finest physicians, etc., people and animals still die.

We must consider the spiritual nature of the being. It may be in the best interest of the person to finish out their life and die from a disease as part of their spiritual growth. In this case, no matter what is done to save the life, the life will end.

There are some who now consider the subconscious mind as that part of us which continues on after death – the soul, so to speak. This is a plausible idea when one considers the subconscious mind always operates from the present moment and is the complete storehouse of all that has ever happened during the lifetime. For all we know the subconscious mind is that part of us which lives on. Therefore, it is important for us to take great care with our subconscious programming, keep it current, and work to make everyday of our life the very best it can possibly be.

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