PSYCH-K Practice Sessions

Practice the PSYCH-K Processes!

Join monthly Online Coaching calls every month!  One hour of polish and expansion!

PSYCH-K Basic Online Coaching

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  • Clarify questions about Establishing Communication
  • Discuss nuances for great Muscle Testing results
  • Review the New Direction Balance and Resolution Balance
  • Get help formulating and writing Belief Statements
  • Discuss how and when to use the VAK to the Future
  • Share benefits of applying PSYCH-K in your daily life
  • Self Testing questions and methods
  • Open discussion on specific points you need assistance with

PSYCH-K Advanced Online Coaching

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  • How and when to use the 2 parts of the Rapport Balance and variations
  • Identification of Belief Points
  • How to use Belief Points and Energy Focusing as a Balance Process
  • Using Surrogation successfully with others
  • Reviewing and fine tuning use of the Core Belief Balance, variations
  • Reviewing and fine tuning the Relationship Balance, variations
  • Discussion of Life Bonding Balance and variations
  • Application and review of the Surprise Balance

Join the Subconscious Change Community on MeWe

After attending each workshop you will be invited to join a PRIVATE Subconscious Change Forum where you may contribute items of interest, create discussions with other PSYCH-K Facilitators, pose practice questions for others to engage in.  Each group is level specific. If you haven’t received your invitation after class contact us at

Join Quarterly Rendezvous Practice Gatherings.

Come practice for the entire weekend or for only a portion of the weekend, your choice!

  • Friday Dinner          6pm-9pm  Meet your weekend practice partners and visit.
  • Saturday Practice   9am-Noon, and again from 1pm-6pm
  • Saturday Dinner     6pm-9pm  Community discussions, spiritual cinema, etc.
  • Sunday Practice      9am-Noon, and again from 1pm-6pm

Upcoming Rendezvous Practice Gatherings:

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Stretch your learning and continue growing with PSYCH-K®. Bring your PSYCH-K® student materials and come ready to play big!Be sure to read Rendezvous Testimonials below!

These gatherings have provided the following benefits for past attendees:

  • Creating community
  • Building new friendships
  • Deepening friendships
  • Sharing with like-minded people
  • Awesome and creative Balancing opportunities
  • Dense and meaningful problem solving
  • Lots of personal balancing for yourself
  • Practicing and polishing facilitation skills
  • Laughter and FUN!

Rendezvous Practices are usually held in January, April, July and October.

Rendezvous Testimonials:

“Thank you to you, Karen, for organizing the quarterly Rendezvous practice sessions.  I believe it’s so important for everyone to keep up their PSYCH-K skills regardless of whether they are building a PSYCH-K business or not.  The better your skills, the more benefit you are to yourself as well as anyone you work with.  But more importantly, it enhances the energy of PSYCH-K, making it more likely for others to find out about it, and advances the consciousness of the planet.  This is why I attend every Rendezvous I can.  But, regardless of skill level, everyone has insight to offer and that’s what really counts.  In addition, I benefited from watching/hearing others develop balance statements, improving my skills by helping others facilitate, increasing my confidence in working with unexpected situations and, most importantly, watching you (Karen) interact with everyone and how skillfully you guide them toward growth.  To me, that’s priceless!  You teach me so much without even trying.  Thank you from myself and my Self.”  S.T.

“First, I should comment on the workshops (Basic & Advanced) I have attended. At the Basic I started with trepidation as I was way out of my comfort zone. By the time we got into the second day I realized that there was no feeling of borders or boundaries among the people there. We all develop as one (Inla’kesh). In the Advanced everyone came together as friends and colleagues waiting to happen while we learned new skills or refreshed previous skills. The workshops provide an opportunity to learn and experience in a sequential and structured manner. The Rendezvous’ everyone comes together with a skill set of varying degrees and potential to; help, teach or learn from each other.

I must say the benefit of either experience is due to the legitimacy of the PSYCH-K Process.

Karen, a very large contribution is your effective guidance and competence as an instructor, as well as your ability to be flexible in keeping the courses on course (and process’s). The Rendezvous’ have the enjoyment of a social gathering combined with the opportunity for all students to be teachers &/or students while protected by the safety net of the expertise, guidance and compassion of you as the over-seer.”

Thank You from within.   K.H.

“I look forward to each PSYCH-K Rendezvous Practice Session.  Often I go without any particular issue being “up”.  I find, though, that by being in a relaxed atmosphere, listening to and facilitating issues that have come up for other attendees, and having an extended period time to talk things out, I always wind up balancing for something important.  I also always learn something new.  Sometimes I feel like I get a balance just by watching other people balance.  Being with people who hold a loving and open space for you holds indescribable benefits.  It’s also nice to go and meet people who I otherwise may not have met because we weren’t in the same workshops.  It’s well worth the time and investment in myself to attend each Rendezvous that I can, and I’m already looking forward to the next one!  Thank you, Karen, for your love and light.” L.F.


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