How To Become A Pro Facilitator

Become a Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators listed on this website have demonstrated proficiency in their skill level using the PSYCH-K® processes.

Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators are listed on this site by personal recommendation.

To be a Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator listed on the Subconscious Change website:

  1. Attend the PSYCH-K® Basic, Advanced and Pro or Master Facilitation Workshops.
  2. Be listed as a Preferred Affiliate on the website.
  3. Write Karen McKy regarding your interest in becoming a Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator to be listed on the Subconscious Change website at
  4. Complete the Application Process including timely submission of professional quality headshot, bio page and other requested information.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in your PSYCH-K® skills by holding a minimum of 5 private “proficiency sessions” with your choice of at least 3 different Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators listed on this website with the last of the 5 sessions held with Karen McKy. Proficiency is affirmed by receipt of 3 written recommendations from your peer reviewers regarding the “proficiency sessions” held and by Karen McKy.

Additional qualifications and requirements to maintain your status as a Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator shown on this website are listed on the Qualifications tab in this same section. Be sure to check these over too. Additional initial qualifications may be added at any time to maintain or upgrade the high quality expected of Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators.


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