Facilitator Qualifications

Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator Qualifications:

Qualifications for being listed on the Subconscious Change website include the following minimum requirements shown below. Some Professional Facilitators have participated in additional trainings and gatherings well beyond these requirements.

If you have specific questions regarding trainings be sure to ask your Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator which workshops and practice sessions they have attended. Contact information for each Professional Facilitator is listed on their bio page.


  • Successfully completed PSYCH-K® Basic, Pro or Master Facilitation and Advanced Workshops.
  • Participate in monthly online Professional Facilitator Coaching Meetings.
  • Collaborate with other Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators on a frequent basis.
  • Personal coaching regarding professional facilitation questions.
  • Developed or in the process of developing a professional career as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator.
  • Exemplify the ideals of a Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator.


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