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Scheduling Your Private Session

Private PSYCH-K® sessions are available In Person, by Video, or by Phone.

Find a Professional PSYCH-K Facilitator

To schedule your session click on a photo panel of a Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator. This will take you to the Facilitator Directory. From here you can select from a variety of Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators supported and endorsed by Karen McKy.

Each Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator has the option of using the online scheduling software offered through this website. Some may choose to schedule from their own website. You may call the Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators you are interested in working with to inquire about scheduling with them or you may click through to their personal website.

Session Types:

Introductory Visit

Some Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators offer introductory visits. Be sure to contact the Facilitator you are interested in working with or see their session appointments in the scheduling section when you click on their photo panel in the Facilitator Directory. After your first visit you can decide if working with the Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator is a good fit or you may select another to visit with. Each Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator has a rich and varied background. We encourage you to get to know the Facilitator you wish to work with a bit as your private sessions will be even more meaningful.

Working Sessions

  • Typically 1-2 hours in length.
  • Some Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators offer half and full day sessions.
  • Preparation may be requested before your session. This is beneficial before the working session to expedite the efficiency and effectiveness of your session time. Preparedness on your part is essential to maximize your session experience.


Session rates begin at $150.00 USD per hour. Check with your Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator for their rate structure. Rates may vary. Multiple session packages may be available. Be sure to ask your Facilitator.


Each Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator has the option of using the online scheduling and payment software offered through this website. Some may choose to schedule and accept payment from their own private website or over the phone. You may check with your Facilitator for their preferred payment options when you call to visit with them.

Days and Hours:

Appointments are usually available every day of the week. Evening appointments may be offered as well. Weekends may not always be available depending on other commitments your Facilitator may have. Be sure to inquire about any special needs you have. Your flexibility and consideration is greatly appreciated.

Changing Appointment Times:

Once your appointment is scheduled we request you keep your scheduled time. Keep in mind other client appointments are scheduled based on your scheduled appointment.

We acknowledge unexpected circumstances arise from time to time. Appointments canceled less than 48 hours in advance of your scheduled time are considered billable appointments.

If there are extenuating circumstances please discuss this with your Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator.

If your Facilitator needs to change an appointment time s/he will do their very best to give you at least 48 hours advance notice as well. Occasionally transportation and other circumstances can be out of ones control.

As such, these notifications may be given with less than 48 hours notice. Thank you for your forgiveness in advance if a short notice change such as this happens.

Late Arrivals:

If traffic delays your arrival more than 30 minutes it may not be reasonable to meet as other appointments may be booked immediately after your scheduled time. Discuss the best course of action if a traffic delay is eminent.

Call as soon as you know you will be delayed. If there is a window of time available to accommodate your late arrival your Facilitator will let you know right away.

Find a Professional PSYCH-K Facilitator

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