November 9th, 2022 Update

Today is the PET Scan, installation of a PICC Line and an Ultrasound. The bone marrow test conclusively defined for me today that I have Follicular Lymphoma. This is a highly treatable lymphoma and the treatments are typically very effective at putting the Lymphoma into remission. I’m going to have a PICC Line installed to save me from being constantly jabbed all the time for blood draws and also to deliver the chemo into the larger veins. I learned this was an option and leaped at the opportunity to have this line installed. I am SO grateful for this intervention. My arm veins are small and I don’t want to burn them up with the chemo drugs. I also had a chest, abdomen and pelvic Ultrasound done late this afternoon. Measurements were taken of the lymph nodes in my chest and abdomen. They are measuring 70mm by 30mm (about 3 inches by 1 inch roughly). These lymph nodes are huge and are causing me difficulty swallowing liquid and food. They are putting pressure on my esophagus, stomach and organs.The lymph nodes are supposed to be about 1/4-1/2 inch long and flat! Not huge like these have become. The good news, no organs seem to have any cancer! Yea!!! I’m to be moved to the cancer wing today. That sounds ominous. It will make it possible for me to have top level oncology nursing staff and the chemo in my room tomorrow. I have to keep humbling myself as it seems to be a bit more scary and involved each step I take forward.

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