Limiting Belief #2

Liniting Belief "ICan't Do It"

"I Can't Do It"

Most of our lifelong subconscious belief structures are formed prior to age 7. “I can’t do it” is a belief that is typically formed between the ages of 2-4. Did your parents or others “Help” you by making life easier in your early years?  

Development during 2-4 is important for challenges and accomplishment. Most importantly we learn that when we persevere and keep attempting something challenging, we DO figure out how to do it! This period forms our adult ability to stick with things when tough tasks show up. 

However, when someone intervenes in our process; does it for us, hurries us, or gets frustrated with us for taking time to accomplish our new challenge, we can also become frustrated, upset, or feel defeated by the challenge. Early in life we can start believing in the limitation of, “I can’t do it!” 

What other belief would be more helpful for you? “I take my time when figuring out new challenges.”, “I can accomplish my tasks my way.” Or “I can do whatever I set my mind to.” The possibilities are endless. Change your subconscious limitations with PSYCH-K. I’m here to help! 

In Love and Light,

Karen McKy

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