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If you are like most PSYCH-K Facilitators you have taken the Basic, and possibly additional PSYCH-K workshops because they are just so fascinating and amazing!

After you get home you get busy, life demands more and more of your energy and attention and you find it has been some number of weeks to months since you did a PSYCH-K Balance.

For some folks they feel like they have forgotten important steps, or maybe just want to review pertinent points but,… “Darn it, where did those notes disappear to?”

Perhaps you have been doing PSYCH-K Balances, but you really miss the camaraderie of other students, the interchange of ideas and stimulating conversation with people of like mind.



After teaching for a while I realize how many wonderful people I have met and how I want them to know each other and for me to get to stay in touch too. I know there are questions that go unanswered at the end of workshops and after students get home and use the processes. Every time I speak with students they always express wanting to know others who are using PSYCH-K.

How can I help you get what you are hungry for? After some thought (and Spirit smacking me over the head) the understanding came to start an online Facilitator Support Community.  We can keep the pumps primed, get information, keep ideas flowing, answer simple to complex questions, share about success stories we have facilitated and make some new PSYCH-K friends in a fun and interactive way ONLINE.



By signing on to participate in the Online Facilitator Support Webinars you automatically agree to the following ground rules. (Copy and paste if you need a visual reminder.) These ground rules may be changed, updated &/or added to at any time based on our group experience.

  1. INTRODUCE  YOURSELF and where you live. Share what PSYCH-K class/es you have studied. We will have PSYCH-K students joining the calls who may not have studied with me. This will help everyone online know what you have studied so we can better answer your questions.
  2. BE CONSIDERATE of others. We may have many people on the call at one time.
  3. CALLS MAY BE RECORDED! ANYTHING you share may be heard by your grandmother, best friend or customer sometime in the future.
  4. EVERYTHING IS PUBLIC information and may be made available for download on this website!
  5. KEEP PEOPLE ANONYMOUS When telling Success Stories or discussing questions about a client, loved one, or whomever… ALWAYS use a fictitious name and disguise any intimate or identifiable items (or leave them out altogether) in case this person should happen to hear a recording at a later date.
  6. KEEP INFO GENERAL Sharing stories about others is OK when they are GENERAL enough to be about anybody! Think about yourself. If you shared something personal and private with a trusted person would you be upset to learn you and your information were publicly discussed?
  7. SUCCESS STORIES may be shared with others, written up at some point in the future and disseminated through other means of communication such as websites or brochure testimonials, pamphlets, stories in a book or other things people dream up. AGAIN be sure what you are sharing is GENERAL NOT SPECIFIC!!!
  8. COURTESY Be in a quiet room without any noise during your online call.
  9. MUTE YOURSELF if noise should suddenly occur for some reason. You will be muted by the moderator if noise is identified to be coming from your location.
  10. NOISE will be pointed out during the call. If it is your doorbell, dog barking, siren blaring down your street THE NOISE will be mentioned and you agree to mute your phone until the noise is removed, departed or ended. PLEASE BE AWARE!
  11. STAY FOCUSED Keep your stories focused and to the point. If anyone tells rambling tales they will be asked to summarize and get to the specific point of what they want help with.
  12. ALLOW OTHERS THEIR TURN. Lets make sure anyone who wants to share has an opportunity. Share when you have a point to make or a question, but don’t hog the microphone.
  13. CONTACT INFORMATION remains confidential unless you notify me in writing. If you want to allow your contact information to be available on a public list to others, send Karen an email at stating you give permission to have your Name, Phone number and Email shared publicly.

I Think this is a good start. Let’s find out what happens as we get going.



1. Go to the Calendar of Events

2. Look for the next Basic or Advanced Online Coaching

3. Select the Online Coaching program you want to attend

4. Click the “join Us Here” Button 10 minutes before start time. There is no need to pre-register


See you online soon!!!

Karen McKy, MHt

719-648-3070 cell

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