Co-Create A Workshop

Co-Create a PSYCH-K Workshop

in Your Community!

It’s Easy to bring a workshop to your area!

Check your calendar for 2-3 open weekends, (about 4-8 weeks from today)

Call Karen at 719-648-3070 and ask if your desired dates are available.

Call your friends and find out which weekend works best for them.

Confirm your workshop date with Karen. After your workshop is scheduled you’ll receive a pdf flyer with all the details and your contact information.

Distribute the Workshop Flyer (by email) to all your friends and start collecting deposits. You’ll want to call each person and talk with them about the class to really engage them.

Karen will coach you how have a great workshop.

Call today and let’s discuss how we can co-create your class!

Karen McKy

719-648-3070 office

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In just 1 hour, you’ll learn about the basics of PSYCH-K®. This is the fastest way to learn about PSYCH-K® – so jump in and get your questions answered. There’s a lot of information to be digested and this pre-recorded webinar has been created to specifically assist you in understanding more about it. Click below to watch now.
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