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Chicago, Illinois, 60506 United States

Languages: English and French


Personal Quote: “A gift well received is a gift to the giver”, and my question to you is: are you ready to receive your birthright gift? The one that gives you access to the “Whole of You”? In doing so, you then become an active willing participant in co-creating your life. No more living by default!



“I can attest to the work you do Vera Lyoubovskya. Two weeks ago today we did a session that ended up being a trauma balance. There were three items identified in the balance. Today I cannot even remember what two of the issues were, and the recovery of my feet are also progressing beautifully!!” Susan C. posted on Facebook

“Vera, the first change I noticed after our session was a deep quiet – a calmness when I wasn’t actively engaged. What a wonderful experience! Soon my entire work environment shifted. I am now in a department that is a much better fit for me. So again thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Nancy Campshure, WI

“Vera, we did a session together a few weeks back, and we focused on finding a collective of therapists for me to be a part of, to develop my practice. Well, I’ve found it! I’ve been in my new space for over a month. Can you believe it! I’m very excited. Thank you for guiding and helping me put the intention out there and facilitating the balances for this great breakthrough! From Gina in WA.

“Met Vera in June 2015 when my daughter had been hospitalized on and off, for long periods of time, since eight years ago. The papers I needed to remain in this country were supposed to come five years from now. And my career had to be remodeled. I am now in training for a new career, and the papers I was waiting for Will to be ready by January 2016. I am also now in a meaningful relationship. The help I received with Vera was very much instrumental to all those positive changes.“ ~ Joselyn Montes | December 2015

“The clarity in which Vera engages with this work is amazing. She asks questions that draw answers out that you don’t always realize are there. I always leave the session feeling like the best has been seen in me and brought forward! The insights and growth that I have experienced, while working with Vera, have been life changing!” ~ Pamela Russell, Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Classical Five Element Acupuncturist | October 2015

“I can attest to the work you do Vera Lyoubovskya. Two weeks ago today we did a session that ended up being a trauma balance. There were three items identified in the balance. Today I can not even remember what two of the issues were and my feet are also progressing beautifully!!!” ~ Susan Clift | September 2015


Specialty Areas: Helping clients who had a difficult childhood, and sometimes even very traumatic experiences overcome their involuntary, out of the blue, fall-out from the negative subconscious programming that seems to occur on a regular basis. Helping you transform recurring life patterns by removing the buttons to emotional triggers and helping you become free from the frustration of feeling like you are on a hamster wheel of “not again!” without an end in sight. Helping you create the life the way you would like it to be.


Background: Congratulations! You have discovered PSYCH-K. The processes have the potential to end the cycle of feeling frustrated with oneself, others, and life, therefore becoming our own best friend and as if the Universe is orchestrating our days for our highest and best interest, when the tools are used with skills and talent.

I don’t know about you, but for many years I searched for ways that would help me change the self-sabotaging programs my subconscious had collected over the years. I was fighting with myself, an uphill battle…

Now that I have discovered the tools PSYCH-K offers, I finally understand why the previous methods worked only partially!

The mind works like a computer, and the programs installed in it since conception run on a subconscious level whether you agree with them or not, regardless if you are aware of them. Most of the methods I was using were working with the conscious mind. It was the equivalent of trying to re-write a hard drive program for a computer with a word doc!

It is just not going to happen!

Needless to say that my progress was only partial, and I was becoming more and more frustrated and loosing hope. Basically, I was living my life by default instead of by choice!

Until I read one of Bruce Lipton’s book, and in it, he talked about PSYCH-K!

After having completed all the workshops, and having all the tools that PSYCH-K offers, I was experiencing some real traction with progress that was quantifiable. I no longer needed to go to the chiropractor twice a week just to name one concrete change for the better (this space is not large enough to name them all). The work and the investment I placed into learning all the tools, was and still are paying off today. Except that now I also help others eliminate problems they had for years, one at a time. It requires commitment and persistence.

I suggest you try the PSYCH-K processes, and experience them yourself. After proving to yourself that the tools work as stated, then decide if it is for you. I know PSYCH-K has the right tools for me. Are they for you? If yes, then do you want to invest in the workshops or do you want to work with a facilitator that has traveled the road before you, and can guide you along the way? Maybe you wish to do both? Work with someone and take the workshops. It depends on how much time you have to solve your current problems. It is your decision to make.

When you are working to transform limiting beliefs into beliefs that support you and your goals, and when you are transforming emotional triggers into feelings of peace and synchronicity, then you enroll the “Whole of You” instead of just your will power. In one session you will actually experience a change that you can validate. I know I feel blessed to have stumbled into this modality. Nothing is greater than seeing the transformation taking place before my eyes when I facilitate and witness the surprise and joy of my clients. Depending on how our first session goes, depending on your specific situation, and depending on the strength of your commitment, we will discuss if it would be best for us to continue working together, or not. Regardless, you will have had your first experience. When you are ready to be the best you, then feel free to contact me by phone, text, or email.

Wishing you the best fulfilling life in every way!