Vera Lyoubovskya

Languages: English and French


Personal Quote: “Miracles happen everyday with PSYCH-K!”


Testimonial: “Met Vera in June 2015 when my daughter had been hospitalized on and off, for long periods of time, since eight years ago. The papers I needed to remain in this country were supposed to come five years from now. And my career had to be remodeled. I am now in training for a new career, and the papers I was waiting for Will to be ready by January 2016. I am also now in a meaningful relationship. The help I received with Vera was very much instrumental to all those positive changes.“ ~ Joselyn Montes | December 2015

“The clarity in which Vera engages with this work is amazing. She asks questions that draw answers out that you don’t always realize are there. I always leave the session feeling like the best has been seen in me and brought forward! The insights and growth that I have experienced, while working with Vera, have been life changing!” ~ Pamela Russell, Professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Classical Five Element Acupuncturist | October 2015

“I can attest to the work you do Vera Lyoubovskya. Two weeks ago today we did a session that ended up being a trauma balance. There were three items identified in the balance. Today I can not even remember what two of the issues were and my feet are also progressing beautifully!!!” ~ Susan Clift | September 2015


Specialty Areas: Assisting you transform events, and people that emotionally trigger you every time, into assets. Making certain that you reach your potential. Helping you re-discover the well of joy within you. Transformation of Traumas into wisdom.


Background: It is an honor and a privilege to assist and witness my clients creating miracles for themselves. Anyone can experience these wonderful processes and benefit from them when intention and determination are present. As a client, you have to want to change for the change to happen.
Why is my personal Quote: “Miracles happen everyday with PSYCH-K”? It came out of my mouth after the transformation of a trauma that was the onset of a lifetime condition known as asthma for my client. Her condition completely cleared and has remained cleared ever since that glorious day. And now it has become one of my favorite quotes as I have now witnessed what many would consider miracles.

When facilitating PSYCH-K I feel I am doing my life’s purpose and I am always excited to help my clients transform their lives in front of my very eyes. I love facilitating clients as they reprogram their subconscious limiting beliefs into beliefs that support them. It is such a joy to facilitate the transformation of previous traumatic situations into wisdom!

My journey started many years ago with a little book written by Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life. From then on, I took many workshops and classes that focused on changing beliefs I held. I studied EFT, Hypnosis, EMDR, NLP and the principles from Abraham-Hicks about the Law of Attraction. However, since I discovered PSYCH-K® I mainly use these tools, as their effectiveness is clearly visible on all levels: emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I first heard about PSYCH-K® in November 2013 from the book Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. had written, The Biology of Belief. As soon as I read I could change beliefs on a subconscious level with ease, I went to the recommended website of PSYCH-K® International and looked for a workshop I could attend, and a practitioner I could work with. The first one was in Atlanta, GA the first week of December. I registered then and there! Best decision ever! For the next year I attended additional PSYCH-K® workshops and re-attended PSYCH-K® workshops I had been to before. Every workshop is jammed with useful, practical information and re-attending the classes helps one learn the finer points to really practice with ease. Seeing, feeling and witnessing the many results among attendees was phenomenal and life inspiring! To this day, I am still excited about PSYCH-K® processes!
I have worn many hats in my careers and none that fit as well as the hat of PSYCH-K®!

Email or call me for a complimentary session to experience the PSYCH-K® techniques first hand and “Free your mind…and become the Master of your beliefs rather than the Victim of their consequences!”