Trachelle Johnson

Languages: English


Personal Quote: “It brings me great joy to see an increase of light and aliveness in a person’s eyes after a PSYCH-K Balance.”


Testimonial: Trachelle’s life is punctuated by an intense and passionate search for truth, knowledge and understanding. Her heart is big enough to hold just about anything and her life experiences so vast that she has the ability to see things from many angles and take a wide perspective on almost any issue. She approaches life and everyone she meets from a loving, non-judgemental stance. ~ Donia Henderson


Specialty Areas: Single Mothers, Substance Addictions, PTSD


Background: I had always hoped change was possible, that life did not have to be a struggle, and that peace and happiness would come. So while I was waiting I read self help books, saw psychics, said my affirmations, and learned how to meditate. I was actually starting to lose hope when I stumbled upon PSYCH-K. My beliefs have been transforming ever since my first session with Karen McKy. Bottom line, my beliefs have changed, my life is not a struggle, and I now have direct knowledge of what peace and happiness is. Sharing the PSYCH-K tool with others is amazing; it is great to see the light and aliveness in a persons eyes upon completion of their change process.


Available for: In Person Sessions