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Denver, Colorado 80249 United States

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Personal Quote: “My greatest joy as a Professional PSYCH-K Facilitator is witnessing people re-connect with their personal power, and supporting them through the PSYCH-K processes, so they may create the thriving, rich life they were meant to experience.”


Testimonial: In looking at my childbirth experience, the key thing I learned was that having the right birth team is critical. Experiencing Tashina in a position of support was essential for me!! She is extremely intuitive, compassionate and understanding. I had a very rough pregnancy and an unsupportive partner. I experienced complex and somewhat fearful feelings during my pregnancy and around my birth. I knew I needed to process them, acknowledge them and allow for a shift to occur. In order to do that, it was important for me to have the right support. I knew from our very first time together that the skills and qualities Tashina has would be indispensable in helping me through this process.

I would recommend PSYCH-K to every woman. You will be blessed and extremely fortunate to have her on your birth team. Her passion for you and the lifework is palpable. Continuing to work with Tashina allows me to become the mother I know I can be.”
-Pamela Russell. Mother

My personal belief is that a tool is only as effective as its facilitator, and in this way I could not recommend anyone more highly for this work than Tashina. She is a very intuitive, intelligent, and well grounded individual who works as an exceptionally clear channel to help clients achieve their desired outcomes. In my personal experience of her work, I have benefited from having greater clarity, peace, and a sense of empowerment which has affected all areas of my life. For me, this has included identifying and releasing toxic relationships as well as supporting my growth both in my business goals as well as in helping me progress more quickly in embodying my newly found love of dance. I recommend her work to my own clients to complement what I do in my bodywork practice as a means to accelerate their healing progress. I would encourage any individual or organization that desires to make a breakthrough to schedule a session with Tashina and discover how much richer, easier, and more joy-filled their lives can be.” -Clark Korb. Business Owner/Bodyworker


Specialty Areas: Fertility, Pregnancy, Child Birth, Families, Artists/Athletes, Business Owners~Entrepreneurs


Background Information: Tashina was first introduced to PSYCH-K in July 2009. She actively used the processes and was amazed at how quickly and drastically she experienced transformation in both her personal life and dance career. She quickly understood the power and effectiveness of the work. By early 2010 Tashina became a Professional Facilitator of the Basic PSYCH-K processes. Tashina loved hearing about the results her clients were having, and knew she had to learn the other gifts PSYCH-K had to offer. She proceeded to take the remaining available courses and started Empowered to Greatness in 2013.

Tashina holds PSYCH-K dear to her heart as she has had the honor of witnessing the transformation people have experienced from the processes, and the ripple effect it has in the world. She has and continues to hold sessions with people of all walks of life, and all spiritual paths. Her niche is working with pregnant women and parents, artists/performers, and business owners. Her hope is together we can create a world where children and adults alike are raised in a place of peace, encouragement, and being empowered to be their best and true selves.


Available for: Sessions In Person
Phone/Skype (Domestic & International)
Will drive to client up to 30 miles (additional fee will be assessed)