Slyvia Lua

Languages: English and Spanish


Personal Quote: “I feel greatest personal joy when I witness a women step into her personal power reclaim her self-love so that she may reach her full potential and create a beautiful life for herself.”


Testimonial: “I am a teacher and work in a challenging school environment with difficult students. My stress levels can run high as well as a continuous feeling of anxiety. Through my work with Sylvia I have found wholeness, a feeling of being centered and grounded. It has helped me to reduce, release, and relieve the stress and anxiety. Sylvia has been heaven sent. Her work and guidance is truly appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She has talent and is truly a “gifted” coach.
– K. Rondeau


Specialty Areas: Teenage Girls, Mothers, Divorce, Healing, Lifestyle Changes


Background: I’m so excited to connect with you today. I was born into a family of seven children, six of which are women. As a young child I experienced great pain and suffering from different forms of abuse. I knew from an early age that I could survive and overcome all of life’s challenges. Yet, at age fourteen I felt hopeless, worthless and fearful. I was in a deep depression with thoughts of suicide. My teenage years were some of my hardest times. It was only through the support and love from the Divine and my sisters that helped me get through these

As I began to recover (around age 20), I knew I wanted to run a business where I could help others. I went to college and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. However I still felt emotions of insecurity. I was scared and fearful of life. I went on and became a Hairstylist. I wanted to help others and myself look and feel beautiful. After years behind the chair as a stylist, I realized most of us had experienced pain and suffering, and desired to be better and heal our wounds. I knew helping others find their inner beauty was essential. This became my passion.

In 2009, I was introduced to PSYCH-K. With this work I was able to heal old wounds, traumas and change my old self-limiting patterns. I was able to step into my power and honor and respect myself. Now in my late thirties, I reflect back and realize that everything I went through was all part of a Divine plan for me to become the woman I am today. I have an incredible daughter, who inspires me to reach my full potential and pure love.

I am grateful and excited to assist you, with releasing your past traumas, changing limiting patterns, aligning your thoughts with hearts desires, and reaching your full potential. I will help you to remember who you are, and step into your own personal power, self-love and believe in who you are. Through PSYCH-K you will have the power to create your own success. I’m here as your sister, friend and greatest supporter with Love.


Available for: Sessions In Person and Phone/Skype

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