Sudabeh Yeganeh
Chicago, Illinois, 60712 United States

Languages: English and Farsi


Personal Quote: “I love working with people who are confused and unhappy, and are seeking direction in their life. Every day is a choice about how we live it. I create how my day is going to be. I set my energy and make it happen.”


Testimonial: “Sudabeh has helped me transform into a new person. She has helped me find my way to happiness, prosperity, and personal power in my life. Now I am living my life for me, the way I choose.”


Specialty Areas: Confidence, Self Empowerment. Happiness, Self Esteem,


Background: Born in Iran, Sudabeh found her way to the United States in 1977. Since 1985 she has studied about self empowerment, self love, and the power of forgiveness. Sudabeh discovered her interest in the world of energy healing in the 90’s. She studied Reiki, as well as earning certificates in various energy healings such as, astral healing, quantum touch, energy medicine and crystal healing. Sudabeh has been practicing these and several modalities for the greater part of the past decade.

She owned and operated a bakery for several years and became very well known within the Persian community of the Chicago Metro area. After some time she closed the bakery and began catering for intimate gatherings such as weddings, anniversaries and other private parties. Her attention to every little detail is apparent.

Sudabeh has sponsored many PSYCH-K Workshops since 2014 and is dedicated to creating a rich PSYCH-K community within the Chicago area. She and her husband hold practice sessions at their home to support excellence of others who have studied PSYCH-K. Her clientele appreciate her natural intuitive abilities which allow her to assist her clients in kind, gentle and loving ways.


Available for: Sessions In Person and Phone/Skype