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Language: English

Personal Quote: “If you allow experiences of the past to overshadow your future, you are ensuring there is no future in your life, just recycling the past.” Sadhguru

“Since I started Psych K my life has metamorphized into what I had always dreamed and hoped it would be. The world hasn’t changed, difficult things still happen, and it still rains on my parade every now and again. However, I have changed. I have participated in different types of therapy and have read more than my share of Self Help books. No matter how hard I worked at it, did the exercises and followed through with the plan, I just couldn’t achieve what I had envisioned for myself. I have suffered from low self-esteem, trauma in my past, and difficulty in losing weight. Stacy has changed my life forever. The negative self-talk is minimal, abusive and toxic relationships are no longer part of my life and I am losing weight. I have lost 40 pounds so far and continue to work through plateaus to ultimately reach my goal. More importantly, I like myself. I can look in the mirror regardless of size and recognize value and worth staring back at me. I participate in life instead of hiding from it. With Psych K I have discovered the person that I knew I was inside. My health has also improved and my addiction to food has been replaced by healthy creative outlets. I no longer limit myself or worry about not being good enough. I have found a freedom in embracing my talents and skills and sharing them with others.

If I had to write only one sentence about Stacy and Psych K it would be: Psych K has changed me and my life for the better permanently because it has released me from the painful prison of self-contempt and sabotaging behavior. I cannot express in words my gratitude to Stacy for her skills in breaking me free.” Aspen Lee

“Remember when we did PSYCH-K® about me being stressed at school prior to school starting? I am not stressed at school anymore.” 16 year-old female

Specialty Areas: Adolescents, Emotional Trauma, PTSD, Sexual and Physical Abuse, Limiting Beliefs, Personal Growth, Low Self Image, Depression, Anxiety, Athletes

Background: I have worked in the social services specializing in youth for over twenty years. After 20 years of working with youth, I was frustrated with the lack of change that interventions were having with youth that experienced trauma. I was excited to be trained in PSYCH-K® and be able to facilitate it with youth and adults. It’s thrilling to see youth and adults change quickly and to make choices that allow them to live.

Available for: Zoom or Phone sessions