Sandra Thebaud

Languages: English and French


Personal Quote: “Besides raising my children, helping people improve their lives is the most fulfilling thing I can do. It’s a blessing and an honor to share PSYCH-K with others.”

Testimonial: “Sandra went past the ego and the mind chatter, straight to my subconscious beliefs and I couldn’t believe how quickly I saw positive results in my life. The work we did together opened the floodgates for me professionally and personally. Safe, kind and gracious, Sandra creates the environment that allows you to get to your deep work quickly and start leading your most prosperous life immediately. If you’re not getting the results you want from your current efforts then you need Sandra to help you get past the symptoms and straight to the root cause, your subconscious beliefs.”

– Triffany H.

Specialty Areas: Anxiety, Allergies, Sleep Problems, Worry, Veterans

Background Info: I have been a Psychologist for the past 20 years helping people understand how their limiting beliefs contribute to depression, anxiety and life being less than pleasant through cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). I love PSYCH-K because it offers tools to change limiting beliefs faster than traditional therapy. It’s one thing to know why you do what you do. But, the key to changing your life is changing your limiting subconscious beliefs. Even changing behaviors is not enough. You have to change your limiting subconscious beliefs in order to change your life.

I began my career as a Navy Psychologist and, after serving my country, I worked as a Behavioral Medicine Specialist and Hospital Psychologist for Kaiser Permanente while remaining on inactive duty for seven more years. Working in hospitals with medical professionals shaped my understanding of holistic health and the true meaning of mind-body wellness. What affects the body affects the mind and vice versa. But everything starts in the mind. I have seen many physical, emotional and mental healing from clearing limiting beliefs.

My role in working with you is to create a safe, caring environment where you feel comfortable talking about your concerns without worrying if you’ll be judged. We’re all human trying to live the best we can. Through partnership, your experience and mine, we will move you toward the life you want.

Available for: Phone/Skype and In Person Greater Denver Metro Area