Ron Schlegel
Corning, New York, 14830 United States
126-130 Pine Street Corning New York 14830 US

Language: English


Personal Quote: “You are creating your reality in every moment but mostly from your subconscious. If you want to make real change you have to make that change on a subconscious level. ”


Testimonials: “Ron is very intuitive and caring. I had a severe migraine headache and in just a few minutes it was gone. I had no idea the headache was brought on by a subconscious emotional conflict I was having. PSYCH-K is just amazing.”

“I have been unable to get but a few hours’ sleep a night until I worked with Ron and PSYCH-K. Now I have no trouble sleeping at night.”

“I used to be terrified of thunderstorms. After one balance I am no longer afraid.”


Specialty Areas: Emotional Trauma, PTSD, Sexual and Physical Abuse, Limiting Beliefs, Personal Growth, Low Self Image, Depression, Anxiety, and Relationship Problems


Background: I have been a psychotherapist for over 35 years and have chosen to dedicate the rest of my career to PSYCH-K and other alternative methods. I have been helping people make rapid change using PSYCH-K for over 6 years. All my work is over the internet or by phone. It is just as effective done remotely as in person and allows you to experience this wonderful modality from the comfort of your own home. I offer sessions days, evenings, and weekends. If you haven’t tried PSYCH-K processes yet it’s about time to schedule your appointment.

Available for: Skype, Face Time, Zoom, or Phone sessions