Ron Schlegel

Language: English


Personal Quote: “I am honored to have the opportunity to help others clear their subconscious blocks and traumas.” Ron Schlegel


Testimonials: “Ron is very intuitive and caring. I had a severe migraine headache and in just a few minutes it was gone. I had no idea the headache was brought on by a subconscious emotional conflict I was having. PSYCH-K is just amazing.”

“I have been unable to get but a few hours’ sleep a night until I worked with Ron and PSYCH-K. Now I have no trouble sleeping at night.”

“I used to be terrified of thunderstorms. After one balance I am no longer afraid.”


Specialty Areas: Emotional Trauma, PTSD, Sexual and Physical Abuse, Limiting Beliefs, Personal Growth, Low Self Image, Depression, Anxiety, and Relationship Problems


Background: I graduated from Syracuse University with a Masters degree in Social Work in 1979. During my 35+ years of experience as a psychotherapist I have helped people address a wide variety of mental health disorders.

In the last several years since I have learned about and been trained in PSYCH-K I have had the honor of helping Veterans using PSYCH-K. The changes I have witnessed in those who have been traumatized by war has motivated me to share this relatively simple, and effective, process for subconscious change with a wide range of people and conditions.

I offer weekend intensives in which you work one on one with me to assure deep and lasting change as quickly as possible. I use this same format for couples who want to make loving and life long changes in their relationship.


Available for: Sessions In Person