Paula Chiarmonte
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27104, United States

Languages: English


Personal Quote: “Working in partnership, we release your unlimited potential for optimal health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality. Transform your self-limiting subconscious beliefs through “breakthrough” experiences that previously seemed unattainable.”


Testimonial: “As soon as I met Paula, I knew we would work well together. She elicits my sense of humor and incisively targets my issues. I trust Paula implicitly, and feel safe working with her. Without her gentle guidance, my progress would have been much slower. The balances we performed together were fruitful. I unequivocally recommend Paula as a PSYCH-K facilitator.” Vera Lyoubovskya, PSYCH-K Facilitator.


Specialty Areas: Trauma, Grief, Loss, Womens’ Issues.


Background: Bringing over 30 years of complementary and integrative health care modalities to my sessions, together; we harness your brain’s innate neuroplasticity to reduce stress, address trauma, deepen self-compassion, manage conflict, develop resiliency, and foster the evolution of global consciousness.

I have experienced and understand the complex nature of trauma, loss and grief. Suffering a devastating loss and experiencing subsequent trauma, causes our world view to shift; the way we see the world is changed forever. Knowing that verbalization and reenactment worsens healing from trauma, the somatic experience resulting from a session transcends verbalization; drawing on your deepest sources of unspoken wisdom.

In partnership with clients, we release and transform subconscious self-limiting and contradictory beliefs; often lodged in the shadow self. Once acknowledged, the shadow reveals formerly repressed and unknown fragments of whom we really are. When reclaimed, these disenfranchised fragments of our authentic self, link us to actualizing our full potential.

Having an advanced academic degree, and trained as a research librarian; I discovered Bruce Lipton’s and Rob Williams’ dynamic collaboration in 2011. Believing their ground-breaking synergy of science, psychology and spirituality heralds fifth-dimensional reality; I attended my first PSYCH-K Basic class with them in San Francisco. Subsequently, I sponsored Karen McKy’s classes while residing in Northern California.


Available for: Sessions In Person and Skype/Phone

  • North Carolina:
    • Triad Region: Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High Point
    • Triangle Region: Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill
    • Charlotte
    • Asheville
  • South Carolina, Northern area
  • Virginia, Southern area