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Durango, CO
2213 County Road 250 Durango CO 81301

Languages: English & Spanish

Personal quote: “I help couples set themselves free from inherited parenting patterns and limiting beliefs especially those around the adventure of being parents, so that they are able to reach their true potential in every area of their lives and become more conscious parents themselves”

Specialty areas: Expecting couples ready to explore both their personal beliefs and that are looking for new ways to support their child.

Finding and releasing inherited belief and behavior patterns that keep us small and afraid of reaching for who we truly can be.

Families with challenging dynamics that are ready to shift into new behaviors.


“Having heard about PSYCH-K, I was eager and excited to try. I was drawn to working with Linda particularly because of her background in helping people heal inherited family patterns. She was warm and welcoming from the beginning, and I felt that we connected easily. The session itself was powerful and I felt a real release in some things regarding work and money that I have been working on. Additionally, Linda was incredibly intuitive and able to sense and guide me in adjusting some of the beliefs we worked on. Her perceptions were spot-on and her ability to connect energetically was profound. I Highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to experience PSYCH-K or wanting to release limiting subconscious beliefs.” – Jessica

“Linda is an amazing soul. I immediately knew I could connect and trust her. Even in our first session I felt Linda was sincerely invested to help me on my journey of deeper self-discovery.”

“I realized through working with Linda that the story of what happened to me in the past does not need to impact my future. Old, painful experiences where imprinted onto my subconscious mind so firmly that I wasn’t even aware why I was repeating negative patterns. I had no idea that you could go straight to the source of those old beliefs – the subconscious – and shift the energy around those experiences. I am thrilled to be on this journey with Linda and can’t wait to see what is next!” – Lisa

“I was introduced to PSYCH-K by our pediatrician in the spring of 2019. My interest was piqued but I was unwilling to try out something so seemingly woo-woo on my children before researching and using myself as a guinea pig first. I was able to get an appointment with Linda and I began noticing positive changes in myself after the first session. My ability to handle day-to-day stressors was improving, as was my patience with my family. I was impressed enough by the science and by my personal results that I was ready to have my kids experience a session with Linda. At the time, my 17-yr old daughter was experiencing severe migraines pretty much everyday. She was suffering enough that she was willing to try out something that was “weird – even for you, Mom.” In the 2 weeks following her first appointment with Linda she only had 1 or 2 severe migraines. She did another session right before she left the country for a month and during her time abroad, she did not have a single migraine, even with her sleep-free travel days. When she returned she requested more sessions with Linda before leaving for college. The work she has done with Linda to address the foundational issues that brought on the severe migraines has been transformational. In 4 sessions she has gone from non-stop pain to only occasional headaches and rare migraines. With Linda’s help she knows what stressors bring them on and now has the tools to help her work through them. As a mother I am so thankful to have found PSYCH-K and a facilitator like Linda who is so intuitive and caring. My kids love her peaceful spirit and I am blessed by her genuine desire to help my family.”

Background: Linda Illsley is the founder and owner of Life Crafting Now. As an experienced Facilitator of PSYCH-K, Linda guides clients through their personal journey of belief change to create the life they want.

Complementing Linda’s rich background of experience, Linda has completed all educational courses in PSYCH-K which have gifted her the necessary tools and specialized skill-set to gently help you free your mind of limiting beliefs and step-in to the unique and powerful individual you are created to be!

PSYCH-K has significantly impacted Linda’s life and she is passionate to share this gentle yet profound modality with others. As Linda reflects, “When we recognize that 95% of our beliefs are held in the subconscious and that this programming can be rewritten with the help of PSYCH-K’s whole-brain balances, we hold the key to our personal freedom and happiness.”

Having grown up in Mexico to parents from the U.S., Linda is fluent in both English and Spanish. With a desire to travel, Linda enrolled and graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. With degree in hand, Linda was off to Europe and worked in many fine restaurants including some Michelin-Star reviewed. While in Europe, she also received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Sussex University.

Traveling throughout the world brought out Linda’s magnetic and accepting personality which sculpted her transparent and clear-view of life to the possibility that a rich and fulfilling life is available. But how does one obtain and sustain this given all the chaos in modern world? This question would keep Linda continually seeking.

After 11-years in Europe, Linda returned to the U.S in 2000, settling in the small mountain town of Durango, Colorado where she built and operated her own restaurant. Linda can attest to the adage that “you don’t own a restaurant, the restaurant owns you.” After a successful 14-yr run, Linda sold the building and exited the restaurant business. At this time PSYCH-K entered Linda’s life and she has never looked back.